It's the middle of summer vacation, and being away from everyone seems to be just what Diana needed. Well until she agreed to go to a summer home with Rose and the girls. When she gets there she realizes that the girls also invited to boys. With no way to leave she's stuck there to face some feelings that has been eating her up. Will this summer be good for her or will it hurt her even more?


5. Skin to Skin.

Diana's POV:

I woke up to sun warming my cheeks. I blinked my eyes a few times adjusting them to the morning light. I looked over to my right and noticed Harry sleeping soundly. I smiled and ran my hand through his messy curls. I sat up in the bed and moved my feet over the floor. I hesitated for a moment then I walked out to the kitchen. None of the boys were up, only Rose and I were. She smiled at me when I walked into the kitchen. I sat on one of the seats at the counter and sighed.
"What's wrong Di?" She asked giving me a cup of hot coco.
"My mind and heart are so jumbled." I groaned.
"Oh I understand." She turned back around grabbing some cookies. "We are going camping tonight."
"Sounds nice...?" I gave her a questioned look.
"Meaning you can get as much 'alone' time as you like." She giggled.
"Oh.." I laughed.
I felt someone hugging me. I turned around to see Louis. He smiled widely at me. I smiled softly at him. Ever since Niall died I couldn't find myself able to smile as big. He hugged me again. I smelled his cologne. After he let me go I went back to the room quickly. Harry was sitting up in bed rubbing his eyes. I ran over to him and jumped on him. I pinned him down on the bed hugging him. I pulled up and looked at him. His green eyes looked shocked and surprised.
"Well good morning to you too." He smiled.

I smiled and hugged him again, this time he returned the hug. He sat up with me still in his arms. Sitting on his lap I noticed that he was only in his boxers. I blushed a bit before getting off of him. 
"D-did you sleep like that...?" I said turning my back towards him.
"Huh? Oh yeah of course." I felt him wrapping his arms around me. "I like it more this way." He whispered in my ear. The feeling of his warm breath blowing near my ear sent shivers down my back. What in the world.....
"Hey you guys...oh my..." Rose said opening the door.
"Is something wrong?" Harry said a bit annoyed going back to the bed and sitting down.
"No....I was just going to say that we were going to head to the woods soon...." She said getting a bit snippy towards him. I ran over to her, and we walked to her room together. 
"What was that?" She asked me.
"I don't know....." I muttered.
"Want me to find out?" She asked. "Later I mean."
I nodded feeling my face start burning up more. 

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