It's the middle of summer vacation, and being away from everyone seems to be just what Diana needed. Well until she agreed to go to a summer home with Rose and the girls. When she gets there she realizes that the girls also invited to boys. With no way to leave she's stuck there to face some feelings that has been eating her up. Will this summer be good for her or will it hurt her even more?


11. Fireworks(:

Diana's POV:

I stepped out of the warm shower to see something written on the foggy mirror. I looked closely to see it said "I need to talk to you." I was confused because I couldn't make out the rest. I got dressed and tried the best I could to dry my hair off. I opened the door to find Harry sitting across the hall asleep. I smiled and sat down next to him. I elbowed him waking him up.
"Good morning." I giggled.
He smiled his half awake smile. 
"Guys we're going to the beach for the fireworks, are you coming?" Rose asked us.
"Sure." I smiled standing up. I extended my hand for him. After a few seconds he took it. We all walked to the beach. Harry seemed quiet, a little too quiet.. We all sat down on the sand just as the fireworks started. 
"Are you alright?" I asked.
"I need to talk to you..." He said in my ear. 
"So it was you on the mirror then?" I giggled. 
We stood up and walked away from the others. He looked nervous and tense. So I grabbed his hand pulling him down next to me by the giant rock. He looked shocked then smiled. 
"What did you need to talk about?" I asked.
"Why did you run after me the other day...?" He muttered.
"I..." I couldn't even talk. I didn't know why I ran after him or why I pushed Louis away from me. I stared at my feet thinking of what I should say.
I looked up at the beautiful sparks of light in the sky. Then I felt my head being turned and before I knew it I had Harry's lips against mine. After a few seconds I felt myself kissing him back.
I felt fireworks.
He pulled away and a few minutes later Louis came over. He looked at Harry with displease. 
"Are you okay Lou?" I asked him with a smile acting as though nothing just happened.
"Yeah I'm fine." He smiled at me extending his hand towards me. After a few seconds I took his hand and he took me back to the others. I looked back to see a saddened Harry. 
I felt a pit of guilt engulfing my chest. 

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