The planet is in ruins, survivors are few. And five teens have the abilities to defeat the enemy. But how will they survive when the enemy is adapting.


2. Surprise, surprise!

How could it all happen so fast? Everything we'd worked for, for the last six months was all for nothing, we're all dead. I should probably recap. It was morning we thought we'd be safe normally zombies can't come out in the day, the sun drains them and turns them to dust. But it turned out they'd become stronger. Now not even the day was safe. It was a warm sunny Thursday everything had been normal nothing to make us suspect what would happen next. Ethan had fallen behind saying he needed to tie his shoes but we all new he was resting. Ethan wasn't as physicly fit as the rest of us, he spent more time on his laptop than a tredmill. Becca and Dave were leading up front when Becca came to a sudden hault.

"what's up?" I asked.

"shh... I can feel something..." She paused fear and dispare eched on her face. She gulped apparently struggling with the words." Ethan's... Ethan's dead... I can...feel it." The words hit me like a tone of bricks. As a necromancer, Becca could sense death and some how I knew she was right. I felt hot tears on my cheeks and hastily wiped them away. I had to be strong. That's when it happened our guard was down and they struck. They swarmed us before we could move. I stepped back as paul turned himself into a jaguar and bounded towards the on coming zombies and was lost from sight. Out the corner of my eye I saw Dave being over powered by the zombies struggling to stop there sharp teeth from ripping his throught out. One of the powerful mass stuck its teeth in and he screamed, then his body went limp. Now Dave was dead to with Becca not far behind. She had been drawing power from the death surrounding her but it was to much and she too was over powered. I was standing in a puddle of water so I reached out and grabbed it with my magic and a jet of water was propelled at the zombies and I saw to my horror Paul lying face down, in human form, in a pool of blood. I was in shock the love of my life was dead, it felt as though my hole world had caved in aiound me and I was trapped in a living nightmare. I suddenly felt sharp teeth close in around my neck as I became aware of my surroundings once more I screamed out of pain from the bite and in my heart I screamed harder and louder than ever before and I felt my friends powers flow into me and fight of the infection from the zombie. The pain was emence and my knees buckled and I passed out dead. Or so I thought.

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