The planet is in ruins, survivors are few. And five teens have the abilities to defeat the enemy. But how will they survive when the enemy is adapting.


1. Attack

The door opened silently and I couldn't believe what I saw...

I looked up in time to see a hunched figure lurching at me. I Dived to one side and crawled under the desk the book I'd been reading was lying open on the floor. The room had become deathly silent the only sounds coming from my gradually quickening breaths. Then I heard it, a groan. That was all it took, from that one groan I knew were it was. I launched myself out from under the desk and stood there facing a red eyed, decomposing corpse. Zombie! It ran at me. I twisted and just managed to doge it's flaying arms. I calmed my breathing and tried to relax, witch is hard enough when faced with one of the living dead but harder still when breathing in the rancid smell of death. I gaged wanting to through up. I imagined the beast before me stopping and flying backwards into the bookshelf. Then it happened, I raised my hand and the zombie flu back into the book case. I went over and nudged its head with my toe, thankfully it didn't so much as grunt. Breathing a sigh of relief I picked up the book I'd been reading and placed it in my bag and left through the door the zombie had come through. That was the third attack this week. They were becoming more frequent, this was not good. It was dark outside a cool breeze sweeping jet black hair across my face. I heard a crunch on gravel, turning I saw a young man with wavy blond hair and blue eyes that once homed a spark now mearly contained death and dispare. He was tall even for sixteen, he worn a blue hoody, tattered jeans and worn trainers that had seen better days. He was running towards me and pulled me into a rib breaking hug.

"Hey!" I gasped trying to breath."What are you trying to do, kill me 'cause we've got zombie's for that."

Paul laughed and released me.

"I was worried when I saw the door was wide open and I panicked." His voice was so smooth I melted inside.

"Nothing I couldn't handle." I replied, my heart slowly solidifying.

"Did you get the book?"

"Course." He stared at me his eye's screaming the question.

"And?" I looked at the ground feeling with my senses, breathing in the cool night air, I spread my fingers and the ground rumbled. Paul jumped back as the rupchered and a single white rose grew. Paul picked it up and smiled, his finger slipped on a thorn and blood dripped onto the petals. He handed me the bloody rose and smiled as we gazed into each others eyes. He leaned toward and we kissed. Soft and tender to the lips, it felt as though the world had stopped spinning and time stood still. As we parted it felt as though he'd taken a piece of my soul and he'd given me a piece of his in return.

"This could mean the end you know, we could all die." He said.

"It could." I agreed. "But it could also be the beginning of the end of 'them'."

I smiled as I took out the fifth and final book. The others walked over, all holding their parts of the book. Be ca with necromancy, death magic, Ethan with spell casting and ruins. While Dave had his super strength and agility and Paul with his shape shifting abilities. And me, I had the ability to control the elements. Five of us agents a whole planet of zombies, what could go wrong? Apparently, everything. And it did!

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