That Girl

"The Girl" is about a thirteen year old who understands the past, present, future and all things supernatural. She tries to explain how she found out about all of this and what goes on in her life. For some reason she's stuck in this situation... that she can't get out of...


4. My Make-Over

             Now that Eric was staying with us I had change alot of things. I had to keep my room clean, clean the bathroom, and I had to put some of my stuff in storage to make room for Eric's stuff. I didn't mind though because it meant that I wasn't dreaming. Eric seemed to like it at the house. He started to open up to the family and even though my brother would ask him alot of questions and my dad would keep track of where he went it was pretty normal. My mom didn't like the fact that we were dating but she knew I wouldn't do anything stupid with him. At least I hope she did... My mom never liked it when I did something she didn't want me to do. My mom is old fashioned. She doesn't like anything I do.

             Like, hello... its the 21st century here. I think its kinda weird though... my boyfriend living with me. I mean my brother has his girlfriend living with him but, I'm thirteen and he's fifteen. My family looks at me differently. Like, I'm not their kid. Like, they can judge me for everything. Sometimes in class I like to wonder what it would be like if my dad never found out, if my brother and I had a better relationship, if my mom never beat me, if my grandfather wasn't sexist, and if I had been everything my parents, grandparents and brother had wanted me to be combined. The perfect child. The perfect person everybody wants to be. But not me. At least I think so... My life's pretty complicated. I've never been anything anybody ever wanted. My friends were never my real friends. I've never had anybody to trust, ever.... You're lucky. All of you. You have it so much better but you all think this is nothing. But I haven't told you all of it and I never will because my life isn't over yet...

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