That Girl

"The Girl" is about a thirteen year old who understands the past, present, future and all things supernatural. She tries to explain how she found out about all of this and what goes on in her life. For some reason she's stuck in this situation... that she can't get out of...


1. The Hideout

              I was a different girl, a different person. I have changed alot since I was a kid. My sixth grade year was ok, I guess. But that summer I knew the truth. The truth about everything....  I understood the past, present, future and all things supernatural. The names Bella, Bella Thompson to be exact. I'm thirteen years old and a seventh grader. I know I sound childish but get to know my life story and you'll soon understand the truth. Supernatual things are my specialty, but its not fake. It's real. That's where it all started. My beginning...

             Dark around midnight I was watching the twilight series thinking it was best movie I had ever seen. Then I got a call from Eric, he's my crush, but i'm dating Charlie. Not a good idea but I can't help what I feel. When I answered the phone Eric sounded like he was out of breath. He told me to go outside down to the hideout. The hideout was a place only we knew about, no one else. When I got there he had a bag full of clothes. He said he had to get away. To go somewhere else. I didn't understand why he had to leave. He said he'd never go but where's he going now? I had so many questions to ask him but only one came out. What's going on? He said he hated his life. He wanted to get away and go somewhere else for a while. I told him that his life would get better. It always does. I mean my mom and brother used to beat me as a kid and now look at me i'm just fine.

             Eric wasn't to happy but I told him he should stay one more night and think it over instead of jumping to conclusions. He couldn't go home he wouldn't get any sleep and he wouldn't be able to clear his head of all those horrible thoughts. I offered him to stay the night at my house. I knew my parents wouldn't allow him to stay the night so I had to sneak him in. It was hard but we pulled it off. That night was weird I slept in my bed and he slept on the floor in my room. I couldn't sleep though... I was worried my dad would come in and see him on the floor and freak out. Eric woke up around three o'clock. He asked me why I was still up and I didn't answer trying to seem like I was asleep. I was frezzing cold and had a thin blanket on top of me. I gave Eric my heavy blankets considering he was technically still a guest even though my parents didn't know he was there. Him being the guy he is saw me shivering and gave me the blankets but I knew he couldn't sleep without a blanket he layed on the bed with me and held me tight.

             I knew it wasn't right to be with him but no one knew where he was and besides i'm not cheating on Charlie, I haven't kissed Eric or held his hand. All he's doing is keeping me warm. At moments it felt wrong being in his arms but at other times I didn't feel so alone. Charlie hardly ever talked to me or hung out with me so even though we were dating I still felt single. I decided to let Charlie go. He wasn't worth loving. He barely even noticed me during the day so what's the point in being with him. The next day at school I broke up with Charlie, I told him he were better off being friends anyways. He said the only reason he asked me out is because a guy known for hurting girls was after me and that he didn't want me to get hurt so he asked me out. At first it was kinda upsetting because at the beginning of our relationship I cared for him but then I didn't care because that means it wouldn't matter if we stayed friends.

             Later that day after school I told Eric how I broke up with Charlie and his reaction was a happy looking face. I asked what his smile was all about. He just smiled again saying he was happy I broke up with Charlie that way when he kissed me I wouldn't be cheating. I had been shocked for a while, I never thought that Eric would ever have feelings for me. He always went for blondes with blue eyes. I have brown hair with blonde bangs and brown eyes. This was a complete shock but I was so happy. I finally have a guy who doesn't take things to slow but he doesn't go to fast. He's the perfect guy I want to have a relationship with. Everyone judges him though because he's a freshman and i'm a seventh grader but I don't care. He's cute, smart, and he likes me.

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