Tough Love

Emily has had a tough life. She never thought that she would ever go to a concert, meet Harry styles, and that they'd fall in love...but as their relationship gets will they deal with constantly having to be away from each other? Will their relationship survive this Tough Love?


14. A/N

Hey guys so how have you been? Yeah I haven't written in like a year. I'm sorry I'm just not feeling this book. And I've had a busy year. I went to a one direction / 5sos concert let me just say OMG BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!! I'm sorry to say this but I'm not writing anymore at least not this story. I may start a new one probably on wattpad it'll still be one direction but right now I can't think of anything to write. I'll keep you guys updated. I may come back to this fanfic I'm the future but no promises! I might be on Wattpad soon with a new. Book but I'm not sure yet! Thanks for the support! Luv ya!


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