Its You

Ella and Niall are from Mullingar Ireland. They have been bestfriends since babies. They were like peanut butter and jelly. You could not spread them apart. Niall and Ella LOVED singing... One day Niall wants to pursue his dream and leaves Mullingar and Ella. Ella is heart broken and cant forget Niall. What will happen? Read this & find out!


3. Your back & problems

Niall's P.o.v

"Dude, i cant believe its her!" i said. "Shes hot!" harry smirked. I gave Harry a glare and he smirked. "Hazza back off!" i laughed. "Shes my princess" I smiled. "Okay Nialler" Harry laughed. "Dude i mean it. I haven't seen Ella in 2 years!" i said while my voice cracked. My eyes started to tear up and i looked at the ground. "Niall dont cry!" Liam said. I started to cry and thats when i heard the doorbell ring. I ran upstairs and slammed my door and sobbed violently into my pillow. I heard the door open and then close. I heard Liam whispering, then i heard feet thumping up the stairs. I carried on sobbing into my pillow not caring. The door opened and i didnt bother to look who it is. All i felt was a tiny body lay next to me and cuddle me. Then i heard that sweet caring voice.

Ella's P.o.v

"Buttercup? Whats wrong?" I said. "E-e-ella?" Niall stuttered. "Yes, love now whats wrong." I said with concern in my voice. "I fucked up! I forgot about the love of my life! Its all my fucking fault!" Niall  yelled. "Niall, please stop. Dont bring up painful memories!" i said. "PAINFUL MEMORIES!? I WAS FORCED TO FORGET YOU!" Niall yelled. I looked at him with a shocked face and tears slowly came out of my green emerald eyes. Each tear fell carefully and slowly. Niall looked at me and his face automatically turned upset. "I-i-im sorry!" Niall yelled. I ran out the door and ran down the stairs. I saw the boys watching the telly and they saw me. I automatically ran out the door and it was raining and thundering. "Ella!" Harry and Liam yelled. I ran down the street and heard the 4 British accents yelling my name. I just ignored it and kept on running. I was running until i tripped over my own foot. "Oof!" i yelled. 

Liam's P.o.v

I caught up to Ella and scooped her up bridal style. "Love whats wrong?" i asked with a concerned face. "He yelled at me." Ella squeaked. "Niall yelled at you?'' i asked. "Yes!" Ella said. "Why?" i said. "Ask him" Ella said. We were walking and the boys and i were quiet. We got home and I put Ella on the couch. "NIALL!!" i yelled. No response. "NIALL JAMES HORAN!" I yelled, still no response. I ran upstairs and opened Nialls door. I saw him crying violently into the pillow. "Niall why did you snap on her?'' i said. No response.

Niall's P.o.v

I didnt respond to Liam at all. I was too upset. I looked at Liam and broke down again. "Niall why did you snap on her?" Liam asked. "I was dumb!" i yelled. "I didnt mean to!" i said while crying. "NIALL, LIAM!!!" Harry yelled. Me and liam ran downstairs and saw Louis screaming in the phone frantically and Harry carrying Ella in his arms and Zayn crying. "Ella!!" i yelled. I ran to Harry and saw that ella was unconscious and blood on her. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!" I yelled. "We f-found h-her in the b-b-bathroom with a k-k-knife n-next to h-er" Zayn said softly. "OH GOD! ELLA!" i said and broke down in to a million of tears. The paramedics came and asked us questions. Harry and Liam went inside the ambulance with Ella. Me, Zayn and Louis went with the car. 

Zayn's P.o.v 

We all loved Ella so much like a sister. Well except Liam and Niall. They both like her, well Niall loves her. We just want Ella to be okay!

Nialls P.o.v

"This is my fault! I shouldnt have yelled at her!" i cried. "Nialler, you didnt mean to and its not your fault." Louis said. I just sobbed my eyes out and screamed. We got to the hospital and we ran inside. We got to  the front desk. "Ella Abdic!!" i yelled at the lady. "Im sorry sir shes in surgery" the lady said. 


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