Trapped in a disastrous world

What if Harry Potter actually died. Voldemort would rule the wizarding world. There would be no one there to stop him. Until Ron found the resurrection stone...


2. Reunited


As Harry opened his eyes, there was several figures standing a few metres away from him.

"Mum? Dad? Sirius? Lupin?" He asked, puzzled. His family and friends were stood before him yet they were all dead? Until Harry soon realised that he too, was dead.

"Welcome to heaven, darling." Whispered Lily, putting her hand out so Harry could take it. "It's ok now, you're safe."

Despite the fact Harry had come the end of his life, he had never felt more happier. He was back with his mother and father again and ironically, it felt like his life had just begun once again.

"You were so brave, son." Said James, staring at his only son.

"What about Ron and Hermione? The Weasleys? Voldemort?" Asked Harry.

"I'm sure they're fine." Said Sirius, "And as for Voldemort, we don't know yet."

"Is Fred here too?" Harry asked, peering round an empty and paler version of the Forbidden Forest.

"We are all here, Har..." But Remus was cut off by a familiar cheery voice.

"Did I hear my name?" Fred Weasley came out from behind a pale coloured tree and gave a wide grin at Harry.

"How are you?" He asked.

"Dead," Replied Harry and they both chuckled for a second.

"Is George, mum, Ginny and everyone else ok?" Said Fred, sounding apprehensive.

"I think so, well the war has finished; Voldemort won." Answered Harry.

Fred nodded and turned his head at a noise which sounded like a small hoot.

"Hedwig!" Beamed Harry as she came soaring out majestically from the light sky. She landed on Harry's arm and gave his finger an affectionate nip.

"Wotcha, Harry!" It was Tonks this time.

"Hi, Tonks!" smiled Harry as if they had seen each other a few days ago and were having a normal conversation.

"So," Began Sirius, "Why did you let him kill and defeat you?" He sounded almost cheery and Harry instantly knew why: He was back with his best friend and he no longer had to hide away in the morbid and depressing house of Black with only Buckbeak for comfort.

"Harry explained everything he saw in the pensieve (leaving out about how much Snape's love was for his mother) and how they still had to kill the snake, which was a horcrux, Nagini.

After his explanation, Harry asked for someone to explain where he really was.

"You're in heaven, dear. We are in the human world except for the one thing which differs is we can only see the living; they can't see us." Answered Lily.

"Unless someone has the resurrection stone." Added Remus.

"We can't use magic too but it doesn't bother us too much as we like to watch over our friends and family." said James.

"Just like we did for you, sweetheart." said lily, looking at her son with great love.

Harry felt a weird sensation inside of him. His mother and father did see him grow up but just not in the way he would have preferred it.

"We never left you. Not really. We were here." Sirius pointed to where Harry's motionless and useless heart lay.

There was a rustle in the forest behind them and Harry's mortal best friend, Ron was taking a walk to clear his mind of everything for a while.

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