Trapped in a disastrous world

What if Harry Potter actually died. Voldemort would rule the wizarding world. There would be no one there to stop him. Until Ron found the resurrection stone...


1. The Funeral


"Avada kedavra!" screamed Voldemort, his wand raised above his head and that was the last thing Harry Potter saw as everything went a gleaming white. "Narcissa, check that the boy is dead." Ordered Voldemort.

She hurried over obediently to where Harry's body lay, lifeless, on the muddy earth of the Forbidden Forest. She felt his pulse, slightly apprehensive, however, there was no movement from Harry's heartbeat.

"Draco... where is he? Is he alive?" She whispered but she knew there was no hope; Harry Potter was dead. She turned back to the Dark Lord to say bluntly, "Dead."

A scream of delight came from Narcissa's sister, Bellatrix Lestrange where as a loud sob came from the captured, half giant, Hagrid.

"Quiet!" A death eater who had Hagrid tied, pulled his bounds tighter.

Back at the crumbling castle, it was Ginny who spotted the large crowd of Death Eaters and their leader, Voldemort.

"Harry Potter is dead!" Voldemort announced proudly but now to practically the whole school instead of just a few students. "I am your leader now and this is my world!" He jeered

Many sobs were heard from the students at their great loss. Hermione was sobbing into Ron's shoulder and Ron's cheeks had constant tears falling down them. Ginny fell to the floor, hopelessly and burst into a waterfall of tears.

Draco joined his mother and father after Voldemort's speech and eventually they all apparated, one after another, leaving a fog of black smoke behind them. Many people went back inside the castle to mourn over their loss. The world would be a torturous place now with the undefeated Dark Lord in charge. An assembly would be held at four o'clock that evening to pay their respect to Harry. His body was to be put in a coffin and buried in Godric's Hollow, next to his mother and father's grave.

The funeral began on four o'clock exactly and was run by Professor McGonagall. Many kind words and memories were spoken throughout by many students and that he would be in peace with his family, James, Lily, Sirius, Fred, Remus, Tonks, Dumbledore, Snape and all those other lives, who too, were lost during the war.

The ceremony ended with the burial of his coffin and after a while , everyone left except for Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville and Luna. They said nothing but just stood there, staring down at Harry's grave.

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