Shot at the Night (Louis)

Sometimes it feels like Fate controls us.. Sometimes it's too powerful even at the most strange times.. It gave me unconditional love.. The world is just too unfair to let me have it. "Take life by the horns." Everyone used to tell me. I'm trying but it's just not working. I am forced to stay away from her. "She's too young." I keep hearing the truth is I DON'T CARE.. Just give me a shot at the night.


6. Six

Nora's POV

I woke up and stretched my fingers out only to feel a cold mattress beside me I sat up and looked around and frowned my heart dropped had Louis left already? I got up and rushed out of the room I skipped down the steps and heard something coming from the kitchen. I rushed over and into the room and saw Louis turn around a chef hat on his head and flour on his face.

"I was trying to make pancakes." He said innocently I smiled and sighed with relief

"I thought you left." I said his brows came together in confusion.

"Why would I do that?" He asked I shrugged

"Babe, I wanna be able to do things like this with you... Make breakfast.. Well fail at making breakfast.." He said I giggled

"I want to go shopping with you when we need groceries.. I want to wake up every morning next to you." He said

"Groceries?" I asked he smiled blushing and looking down.

"Wait.. Groceries.. Wake up to me every morning.." I said I looked at him

"Does that mean you wanna live together?" I asked he shyly nodded

"Really?" I said excitedly

"Yeah, I want you to live with me." He said

"But.. I'm 16.." I sighed he nodded

"God! Why can't I be older?" I said frustrated

"Trust me being older is not something you wanna wish for." He said

"If it meant I was able to be with you then yes." I said he smiled and pecked my lips.

He turned but I pulled him back and brought his lips to mine once more. I pulled the chef hat off of him, I put my hands in his hair and pulled he grunted against my lips and I pulled harder and pressed my hips into his he seemed like something in him snapped he gripped my hips and lifted me up and put me on the counter I wrapped my legs around him pulling him into me he grunted and kissed my neck roughly a small moan escaped my lips and he smiled against my neck which made goosebumps raise all over my body.

"Louis." I moaned his name he slid his hands up my bare thighs due to the small pj shorts I wore to bed. I mentally thanked myself for shaving my legs.

My stomach turned as he was slowly rubbing my thighs.

He slid his hand around to the inside of my thighs and slowly opens my legs. I moaned slowly slid his fingers up my thighs and I immediately reacted as he pressed onto my.. Area. I gasped.. He had only touched me over my undies and pj shorts. But. He removed his hands from my body and stepped back.

"What's wrong?" I asked

"Why is it that I can't control myself around you?" He said

"You don't have to control yourself around me I want to." I said

"The thing is Nora, I can't even if I want to which I really do.. I just I can't your a vulnerable teenager and-" I cut him off

"Is that how you see me? A vulnerable teenager?" I asked offended

"No, I just.. Don't wanna.. I've been there before" he said

"Where?" I asked he cleared his throat

"I was 16 once..." He said

"You mean you were this emotional and horny?" I asked surprising myself he coughed lightly and nodded

"I just can't resist your boyish charm." I said he looked down biting his lip I took ahold of his wrists pulling him back to me he didn't resist. I pressed my lips to his, his tongue grazed my bottom lip. I allowed him access. This was amazing my need for him was growing.. That feeling was now not just multiplied by 50 but by 100. I felt the little pieces of hair lining his forehead tickling mine. I smile against his lips he smiled against mine.

I worked up my courage and brought my hand down his chest and then palmed him through his pants he gasped against my lips.

"N-Nora.." He said I smiled moved kept moving my hand surprising myself

"N-" I took hold of my wrist and pulled it to him despite my efforts to resist his strength. He was breathing heavily.

"No.." He breathed

"Nora?" I asked

He shook his head still out of breath.

"What's wrong then?" I asked

"No.. We can't.." He says

"Louis c'mon no one will know, just once I can't resist you." I said he thought it over and looked into my eyes but quickly stepped back

"Babe, we can't.. I can't." He said

"Fine." I said

He walked back to me taking my hands

"Just because I won't have sex with you doesn't mean I don't love you." He said I nodded

"I know you love me, I love you too but I think it's the right thing if we wait.." As he continued to speak he looked so cute trying to explain everything I got off the counter and walked towards him grabbing his shirt and locking my lips with his cutting him off I leaned away

"Clean this up." I said gesturing to his mess of an attempt to cook.

He nodded smiling I walked out and went back up to my room and checked my phone.

I had 7 messages from Julie.

1. Hey Nor! What's up?

2. Hey! :)

3. Why aren't you answering me?

4. NORA!

5. Are you sleeping?

6. Are showering or something?

7. Did your Dad take your phone?

I received another one.

8. Are you going to answer me or...? I quickly replied

N: Hey Juls sorry, I slept in.

J: I'd say. Are you okay?

N: yea I'm fine. You can't come over today. Sorry dad is here.

J: it's okay! I just wanted to know if you were ok..

N: I'm much better today thanks Juls.

J: I guess I'll text you later then, love ya Nora.

N: love ya too Juls.

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