Shot at the Night (Louis)

Sometimes it feels like Fate controls us.. Sometimes it's too powerful even at the most strange times.. It gave me unconditional love.. The world is just too unfair to let me have it. "Take life by the horns." Everyone used to tell me. I'm trying but it's just not working. I am forced to stay away from her. "She's too young." I keep hearing the truth is I DON'T CARE.. Just give me a shot at the night.


4. Four

Nora's POV


It was the day of the party. The sun was going down. I was so nervous. Julie went home to get ready and I was still deciding what to wear. I had to look sexy enough for David to want to have sex with me but I also had to look like I wasn't trying to be sexy. I went through my closet deciding on black skinny jeans and a baby blue tank top that was flowy and still showed off a little bit of my stomach. I paired it with baby blue toms. I did my makeup and hair and went downstairs setting up the food and drinks and sighed sitting down Julie's cousin was here setting up.

I got a text

"Bored at a press thing. What is my beautiful girl up to today? -L"

"Sitting at home alone. Getting ready for you to come over. :) -N"

"I can't wait to wrap my arms around you. -L"

"Aw I'm blushing.. -N"

"There's more where that came from :p I wish I could get on the next flight to London and hang out with you instead of being here. SO BORED -___-"

"Aww Ikr it must suck to be famous and loved by millions.."

"Hey being famous isn't all it's worked up to be. It gets kinda overwhelming at time. I don't want your life to be like this."

"Why not? Want me all to yourself? Lol."

"Of course. And I mean like cameras in your face 24/7.. Being mobbed getting hate."

"Of I'm half as strong as you I'll be ok." I said



I locked my phone when I heard the door open Julie walked in looking 10x better than me, wearing white skinny jeans a tight croptop tshirt that had an infinity sign on it with black converse her long blond hair in curls smokey eye makeup on her eyes.

"Ugh you look so pretty I hate you." I said she giggled

"What are you talking about? Your stunning." She said I smiled

"So everything is done. The upstairs is blocked. The other rooms are locked we have enough space for about 100 people because there's a lot of room in the back pool area." I said Julie nodded

"Our guests should be arriving any minute." She went over to talk to her cousin handing him a few CDs.

Just then the doorbell rung I walked into the foyer and opened the door just then one of the cutest guys I had ever seen stood there. Black skinny jeans slightly low-riding a black tshirt on red vans and a red beanie over his black hair.

"Hi" I said

"Nora?" He said

"David?" I said lost in his bright emerald green eyes.

"You look great." He said

"Thanks.. You too. come in" I said he walked by me his scent filling my nose he smelt so good. Just then Julie walked into the foyer

"Please tell me you're David." She said David chuckled

"That would be me." He said

"Oh thank god cause I can hug you without it being weird." She said she came forwards and hugged him

"He's fucking hot." She mouthed over his shoulder I nodded

"So I see puberty did you well." She said he smiled

"I guess so. You guys have sure grown up.." He said checking us out

"Especially you Nora.. No braces no glasses?" He said

"Removed, and laser eye surgery." I said smiling he examined me once more

"Sweet" he said

"Where's the food?" He asked

"The kitchen." Julie said David took one last look at me and walked out of the room Julie walked up to me

"Holy shit Nora, he's fucking hot which is an extra bonus plus it's obvious he wants you in the bed.. This is your time." She said

"Why do I feel so uneasy? I mean I just wanna jump his bones." I said

"You're horny.. Or turned on." She said I nodded

"Ugh that sounds so weird." I said

"Drop the innocent little girl act and get your ass over there and flirt." She said pushing me to the doorway of the foyer I chuckled and walked down the hall I saw David eating chips and drinking a glass of coke.

I walked up beside him

"Hey" I said

"Hey" he said

"Can I have a sip?" I asked

"The bowls right there" he said with a smirk

"I know but I want yours" I said looking into his eyes

"Alright" he said handing me the cup I drank from it and handed it back to him

"Thanks" I said

"You know I always used to have this massive crush on you when we were kids. All I ever wanted to do when I was around you was kiss you but I never worked up enough courage." He said

"It's funny. I felt the same way." I said




Hours later the party was in full swing and David and I were taking by the pool.

We stood with cups in our hands talking about what life has been like for each of us. The feeling inside me was growing.

"I still remember your room.. The god awful hot pink walls the bright bedding." He said

"It's a big girl room now." I said

"I don't believe you." He said I knew exactly what he wanted. It was the same thing I wanted..

"Want me to show you?" I asked raising my brows

"Yes I do actually" he said smirking

"There is no way you could let go of that god awful decor." He said

"C'mon." I said taking his hand when we got in the house I slipped behind the barricade

"We're not supposed to be up her" I said putting a finger over my lips he smirked I pulled him up the steps and lead him into my room. I closed the door and leaned against it. He slowly walked around looking it over. The cream walls and white bedset.

"I stand corrected" he said he turned to me I bit my lip

"Yeah you do." I said he smirked

"Are you going to kiss me now?" He asked sounding like he's been waiting for it.

"I thought you were going to kiss me." I said

"Do you want me to?" He asked I nodded he walked over to me and slid his hands onto my waist and our lips met.

I put my hands on his shoulders he knew exactly what he was doing. I leaned away from him

"I'm a virgin." I whispered

"Really?" He asked I nodded

"Are you sure you want me to be your first?" He asked I liked that he cared how I felt I nodded.

"Ok" he said


Louis' POV


I tried calling Nora for the fifth time. She wasn't answering I sighed hanging up.

"Who are you trying to call?" I looked over at Niall who raised a brow

"Sister." I said throwing my phone on the table sighing once more

"When I call my brother, I usually don't try five times." Niall says

"I just really miss home." I said

"Is that why you pushed for the break to be sooner?" He asked I nodded

"Yeah, I'm going to Ireland instead of England so our seating arrangement will have to change" he said I nodded

"Ok." I said I picked up my phone trying again.


Nora's POV


David laid on top of me. His shirt off mine too. He kissed my neck when he rolled off of me.

"What's wrong?" I asked

"Nor.. You were my bestfriend when we were kids do you really think I don't know when you're upset?" He asked

"I'm sorry David.. I'm just not as ready as I thought I was." I said he nodded

"I completely understand. It took me a while to lose mine." He said

"When did you lose it?" I asked

"4 months ago." He said

"Details?" I asked

"Her name was Zoey.. She had been my girlfriend for a year. We were "ready." We did this about 4 times until we were finally READY." He said I nodded

"When you told me you were a virgin you seemed afraid.. Do you think I'd judge you if you were?" He asked I nodded he reached behind him picking up his shirt handing it to me to cover myself up

"Don't ever be afraid to say that because if it is your first time the guy should be gentle and he would know that you were if you didn't tell him anyways.." He said I nodded

"So when you meet a guy and you think you're ready tell him." He said

"Ok" I said

"What happened to Zoey?" I asked

"She cheated on me and when I found out she lacked up her shit with her family and moved." He said

"Wow that sucks." I said

"Yep." He said

"Thanks for coming tonight.. But if you could tell Julie if she asks that we did have sex. You know how she is." I said he nodded

"Good ol' Juls." He said I smiled

"Yep she's a pain in my ass." I said he chuckled

"She cares about you Nora.. She's really loyal and will stick by you. I don't wanna hear that you guys grew apart or anything like that or I will come back down here." He said I smirked

"Don't worry about us David..." I said

"I hope you guys keep in contact with me I miss you guys." He said I nodded

"I will."

"I'm sorry about this by the way." I said he nodded

"It's ok Nora, I understand remember?" He said I nodded I sat up giving David his shirt back fixing my bra straps and slipping my shirt on again followed by my shoes.

David slipped his beanie onto my head.

"Keep it." He said I nodded. When we got out of the room we didn't hear any music but goodbyes coming from the door.

"When we get to the door kiss me make it believable." I whispered I turned around and messed up his hair.

We walked down the steps looking at Julie who was peaking around the corner. I opened the door for him and he turned around putting his hands on my waist and kissed me hard.

He pulled away and smirked

"Bye." He said he walked out an once out of sight of Julie he gave me a thumbs up I smiled at him mouthing thank you.

After I shut the door Julie ran up to me

"Did you guys have sex?" She asked

I nodded

"Yes! No more virgin Nora." She said I shook my head rolling my eyes at her

"How big was he?" She asked

"Pretty big.. I mean I haven't seen anyone else's." I lied easily I hadn't actually seen his penis but the lie just flowed out.

"I might wanna take a swing.. I don't mind your sloppy seconds." She said

"Hey, Juls he's a good guy." I said she nodded

"I bet he's good." She said I rolled my eyes as she walked away

"You're cleaning up." I said she nodded

"I will go lay down it helps with the soreness." She said I nodded.

I waited until she was gone out of the room before I bolted it up the stairs.



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