Shot at the Night (Louis)

Sometimes it feels like Fate controls us.. Sometimes it's too powerful even at the most strange times.. It gave me unconditional love.. The world is just too unfair to let me have it. "Take life by the horns." Everyone used to tell me. I'm trying but it's just not working. I am forced to stay away from her. "She's too young." I keep hearing the truth is I DON'T CARE.. Just give me a shot at the night.


5. Five

Nora's POV

Today is the day Louis is coming home. He said something about missing his early flight so he has to take a later one that will make him arrive at like 2am. Luckily because bright and early this morning Julie came by to "check on me" you'd think I just gave birth. I said I was feeling better because the party was like 3 days ago. She nodded and said she was staying to make me breakfast weather I liked it or not, That was hours ago since then Juls has been here watching movies with me. I had butterflies the moment I got my text from Louis telling me how everything was going down. I had been happy and jumpy all day Julie says it's because I lost my virginity. But truth is Juls.. I didn't.

"So what do you wanna do tomorrow?" She asked

"I don't know.. I'll have to text you." I said my phone vibrated I looked down and unlocked it I looked at the message the caption was just a ";)" I pressed play on the video and saw Louis.. white tshirt with "the killers" written on it and a demnim jacket over top it was a video he had it pointing towards himself. (Selfie cam as I like to call it.) He smirked and aimed the camera up.

"Terminal 2 Gate 1 WELCOME TO LONDON!" My heart sank Louis aimed the camera back at him and covered his mouth with his hand fake gasping widening his eyes.

I looked from Julie to my phone back and forth.

"Oh shit! Juls, My Dad should be coming home tonight!" I said

"So?" She said

"You know how strict he is about me being to bed at like 10. You have to go!" I said getting up she nodded

"Ok.. Should I come over tomorrow then?" She asked I shook my head

"No, I'll text you when you can but Please do NOT come over unless I text you." I said

"Yes ma'am." She said I smiled and hugged her she left as I walked up the stairs I watched out the window to make sure she left. She pulled onto the busy road at the corner and was gone I ran into my room and changed out of my pjs into black jeans and a red camisole with a black cardigan. I slipped on my fluffy white bunny slippers. I replied to Louis

"Omg! Get here fast!!!! <3" I finished changing and added a tiny bit makeup running a brush through my runway straight hair and brushed my teeth. I looked at myself and smiled rewarding myself.

Then the doorbell went off I went down the steps hoping it wasn't Julie. I opened the door and my heart didn't just do a back flip it did a whole gymnastics routine. A huge smile ear to ear grew on my face. Louis smiled back at me he stepped into the house and lifted me up and spun me around he set me down shutting the door behind him

"I thought you we're going to climb my window?" I asked

"I noticed your Dad wasn't home so I thought I'd surprise you again." He said I smiled widely once more

"I thought you were supposed to land at 2?" I asked

"I lied." He said I shook my head and leaned in kissing him he put his hand on my waist I leaned away he slowly opened his eyes once more I took his hand leading him up to where we always hung out.. My room.

I sat on my office chair Louis plunked down on my bed.

"So.. What are the boys up to?" I asked

"Really? You haven't seen me in months and the first thing you wanna do is talk about the boys?" He asked he looked at me his bright blue eyes glowing I smiled

"That wasn't really the first thing I wanted to do.." I said he smirked

"So where's your Dad?" He asked

"You wanna talk about my Dad?" I asked he nodded

"I don't like how he leaves you here alone for months." He said

"There's no other houses for a while. No one is going to come out here" I said

"Anyways.. I missed you so much" He said I smiled and walked towards him laying beside him.

"I don't like YOU leaving for months" I said he smiled his eyes still closed in relaxation. I leaned up and kissed his lips it took him a second to react and kiss me back, a minty taste I put my hand on his chest. He put his hand on my back I disconnected our lips Louis whined at the loss of contact I straddled his waist and stripped my shoulders of the cardigan throwing it into away he sat up.

"I thought you wanted to wait?" He asked I had completely forgotten about me and Louis' plan. I had told him that I wanted to wait until I was at least 18 to sleep with each other just in case we were caught and there would be heavy charges on Louis for having sexual relations with a girl under 18. That night when I planned to lose my virginity for Louis I had felt something around David.. Julie called it "being horny" but that feeling was magnified by 50 around Louis.. I had hardly noticed before.

"I can't wait any longer." I said

"Babe, I don't want anything bad to happen to us" He said looking up at me

"You don't understand.. Being alone for months and seeing pictures of you shirtless and what so ever online I was really missing you." I said he smirked

"They got you off eh?" He said I smiled and felt my cheeks get warm.

"But babe I can't.." He said I whined getting off of his lap.

"On your 18th.." He said

"Maybe 17th?" I added he nodded

"Can I kiss you still?" I asked he chuckled

"That was always aloud." He said turning to me sliding a hand onto my cheek and parting his lips before meeting my own. I held onto his wrist and kissed back dreading that this is all I was going to get. Julie was right. Once I start thinking about sex.. I wouldn't be able to stop. I wanted Louis.. bad. I put one hand into his hair he pulled me closer to him positioning a hand on my back. Louis was so skilled at this he knew exactly what to do. I found it incredibly sexy.

"I can't" He said stopping himself moving away.

"What's wrong?" I asked

"I need a moment to contain myself.." He says I bit my lips with a slight smile now knowing that Louis felt exactly the same as me.

"Let's watch a movie." He said

"Hold on let me get changed." I said I stood up and walked over to my closet door taking off my shirt I looked back at Louis who was arched up on his elbows and winked . He took in a deep breath widening his eyes for a second then plopping his head down on the pillows I giggled

"Still got some of my stuff in there?" He asked

"Yeah, Come and get it" I said he walked in and found his stuff. He slid the denim jacket from his shoulders and took off his shirt

"Now that's just cruel" I said

"What?" He asked slipping another shirt over his torso for pjs.

"Your body.. It's too hot." I said not that Louis wasn't already perfect when we met but while he was away the past few months he had thinned out a lot.

"Even in that shirt I just wanna.. Ugh." I said he chuckled

"What do you want me to wear then? A rubbish bag?" He asked I smiled

"No." I pecked his lips and fixed my hair turning my back to him I put my hair in a braid over my shoulder when I felt his hands reach around my back and his fuzzy hair tickle my neck as he kissed my shoulder.

"I love you" he whispered I turned around smiling

"What did you say?" I asked hoping I didn't just hear it in my head

"I love you?" He said I smiled and hugged him

"I love you too." I said that was the first time we've said it.

That was enough for me, I didn't need to get him naked or I didn't need to have sex with him because those three words were the most beautiful words coming from his lips. He hugged me back and lifted me up cradling me he walked down the steps and sat me on the couch.

"What movie?" He asked

"Defiantly The Notebook" I said he nodded and got the disk out

"Unless you wanna watch something else." I said

"It's really up to you" he said I gave him the look he smiled and put the disk into the DVD player and sat beside me. I curled up to him putting my head on his shoulder. He put his hand on my leg a sweet gesture actually. I looked up at him and nudged my head on his neck he leaned his head on mine. I held onto his hand that was on my leg. I loved how watching The Notebook was something me and Louis always did when he came over. When Allie and Noah have that kiss in the rain is usually when Louis looks over at me and kisses me. Of course that was my favourite part.

Louis has gone quiet I looked up at him and he was asleep I smiled I giggled his hand

"You're tired wanna go to sleep?" I asked this is usually the time Louis most of the time left but since my dad probably be away for another 2 weeks I invite him to stay he accepts.

We turn off the movie and walked up the stairs. Into my room shutting the door I tuck Louis in and giggle at him and walk over sitting at my desk turning on my laptop.

"Aren't you coming to bed?" I hear him ask I turn and look at his tired face looking over at me

"Not yet. I'm not tired" I said he nodded I turned back around and felt a small pillow from my bed hit me on the head. I turned around and see Louis trying to hide his smile by covering half his face with the blankets I shut my laptop and walk over to the bed and pull the blankets off Louis he smiles widely at me I flick his nose he grabs and tickles me I collapse onto my back in a fit of giggles. I grab his hands he stares into my eyes hovering over me he slowly leaned down kissing me this one was slow and passionate. I curled my knee up tucking it at his side I wrapped it around his back he smiled against my lips I let go of his hands to put mine in his hair gently pulling a moan left Louis' lips he stops kissing me and leans up. I look into his blue eyes

"It's ok." I whispered he nodded and kissed me once more. I thought we were getting somewhere with him sliding his hands up my bare stomach under my shirt and his kiss getting more deep until his phone rang. He grumbled and sat up. I sat up too he reached over to the dresser he had set it on.

"It's Niall." He said I nodded

"Go ahead." I said

He answered and the conversation went on for 15 minutes I got up and scooted to my side and pulled the blankets up Louis hung up and looked over at me.

"Sorry" he said

"It's ok" I said he got under the blankets with me and hugged me from behind kissing the back of my head I smiled and closed my eyes.





















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