My saviour

Who knew her life would change in a matter of seconds? That when he sees her he'll do anything to make her his. That she will fall for him even if he's dangerous. That he will protect her from....everything.


1. New life.

I am Julie. The new girl in town that moved here yesterday. I am now laying in bed, listening to music while scolling through facebook and tumblr. I sighed deeply and decided to message my best friend Kitty. 

To: Kitty.x

'Hey babe!x'

i smile and wait for her reply as my eyes scan the view from my window as my eyes fall on a curly haired guy about my age. I hopped out of my bed and slowly walking towards the window. I frown a bit and try to see close enough his facial features. As i was trying to see him he turned around and his gaze met mine. His green orbs staring in mine and a smirk appears on his lips. I blush and bite my lip as he waves at me. I wave back and jump a bit as my phone rings. I run over to it and it's a text from Kitty.

From: Kitty.x

'Hey lovely! I miss you already! :/x'

I smile a bit at her message and reply.

To: Kitty.x

'Miss you too :/x'

I sigh and change into some skinny jeans and a black knitted jumper and my white converse. ( ) to go for a walk. I walk down the stairs and yell to my brother "Jack i'm going for a walk!" i walk to the door and open it before he yells back "okay!" i sigh and step out of the house.


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