The Red Balloon

Will two best friends be able to escape a forest? Or will the stalker clown claim them before anyone can help?


2. Who's there?


I awoke in the forest along with one startling realization. Where am I?! This is not Kaylee’s house let alone Kaylee’s bunk bed. I was planted under a colossal cherry blossom tree. Brown branches created an illusion with the moon. The way the branches separated from the tree it looked as if a branch was swooping down and supporting the silver frosted moon. Although the tree was bare there were still some rebel leaves swaying with the wind's harmony. Colors represented a sunset. Orange the hue of a freshly carved jack-o-lantern, yellow accompanied the vibrant sun and a splash of pink here and there.

The forest was pretty quiet except for the occasional echoes of an owl. I’ve come to a conclusion. I’m lost and I will probably never be found. The moon reminded me of a pale white ghost. The black holes for the eyes were the moon's craters. Its presence reflected off of my face and in the process blinded me. My eyes had never experienced the moons ray's strike against my face. The stars sparkled down on me. I focused in on one and noticed it was a constellation.

“Aries!” I exclaimed aloud as I called out for help. The whole forest continued to stay silent. Aries sparkly constellation dominated over all of the other competitors. Just then I noticed that my hands were beneath me. They were absorbing all of the weight and pressure I applied to them as I stayed in the same position. Entwined with rope, my hands stayed motionless. The pressure from my body contributed to the numbness.

I began to blink repeatedly to help with the blurriness the moon had produced. To relieve some of the pressure on my eyes, I also decided to jerk to my left. The moon would no longer be in my direction. The movement resulted in a sturdy object piercing into my temple. “Probably a rock of some sort,” I thought to myself. The object wasn’t pointy enough to be a stick. The good thing was that it didn’t break any of the skin. I sent signals to my brain to move in the upright position but I remained reclined.  I turned so I was facing the spooky moon. When I turned something was blocking the moon. The brightness of the moon outlined a person’s clothes. My eyes wandered to my right; they followed a piece of string up until I noticed it was a red balloon!  

Sorry this chapter is kinda short and about the paragraph breaks. I still have to figure that out. Until then bear with me. Anyway constructive criticism would be appreciated. I'm open to swaps also just try to keep it under 15 min. it would only be fair. contact me if you want to do any reads, fans, or likes.-Elizabeth xoxo

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