The Red Balloon

Will two best friends be able to escape a forest? Or will the stalker clown claim them before anyone can help?


5. We are What?

“What is the mistake?” I interrogated. As the officer was explaining his partner joined us in the patrol car.

“Did you tell him yet?” his partner looked puzzled as he looked at both of us. His name tag was Det. Wright.

“I’m in the middle of it right now, as I was saying when the body bag got to the morgue, you see there was no body. He could not be autopsied because he escaped. They checked the ambulance he arrived in and the paramedics were knocked out. There was also an officer just in case anything went downhill and he was handcuffed to the gurney that they would roll the body into the morgue. When we checked for his revolver it was missing! When an officer receives his gun, the gun has a serial code so we could keep track. Just so you know we are doing our best to locate it. We figured out that the balloon only contained a drug that put you to sleep, it does not kill you. At the precinct we will need a detailed sketch of the clown. We could not identify him due to all of the heavy makeup he wore. Have you ever seen him without any of it on?

“No,” we both shook our heads as we both became glum.

“Wait but we saw him without his wig on when he face planted and popped the balloon.” I finished.

“What was his natural hair color?” Det. Wright requested.

“Well there’s one problem I don’t think it was natural the color was green.” I explained.

“Well that’s not a big problem at all we could put an APB out a clown with green hair.” Det. Wright exclaimed.

“Hopefully he didn’t dye it again,” Det. Walker said while he furrowed his eyebrow.

“Ummm English please what does APB stand for?” I asked.

“Sorry about that we are so used to ‘on the job talk.’ It is defined as All Points Bulletin. It automatically sends a warning to other departments to keep an eye pealed for the suspect.” Det. Wright concluded.

“In the mean time for your safety we will have to put you into the WPP. Which is defined as,

“Witness protection program” I interrupted.

“That is correct,” he sighed. Your parents will still be able to meet you at the precinct but as far we know Alyssa Case and Kaylee Keene are dead. You both were subdued by anthrax,” Det. Walker completed.


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