The Red Balloon

Will two best friends be able to escape a forest? Or will the stalker clown claim them before anyone can help?


6. Sister's for Life

We arrived at the precinct only to find out that we would be disguised as sisters. Since we both were victims of the same crime they filed us as sisters.


“I can’t believe it we will finally be sisters!” Kaylee squealed.

Yea! Me either,” I screamed. I accepted the yellow folder that Det. Walker handed me. As I opened it I examined the first page which held my new identity. Kaylee was also handed a folder except by Det. Wright and there was a lime green sticky note hanging from the bottom. She followed my lead and our eyes were fixed on the section with our basic information. My new signature was “Amber Summers.” Kaylee’s was scribbled in as “Lacey Summers.” Our new location was England. My new age was sixteen and hers was fifteen. I seemed to move up by two years and she skipped ahead one year. I guess they didn’t want us to have the same age for some reason, maybe because we look nothing alike. Then again there is fraternal twins but at least we get to live in the same location and house.  

There was something funky about our family history though. For example an average household as a traditional mother and father right? Then there is aunts and uncles scattered about. Since we are living as one big family, my mom will have to pretend to be married to Kaylee’s dad. Remember my mom and dad divorced so he will not be joining but we still keep in touch. Kaylee’s mother will be our aunt. It’s a little confusing and settling into but I’m sure we will get used to it. Eventually...

Heyy guys thanx for ur support. I appreciate it so much. I am still writing of course. I will try to update ASAP all the time. Although it will probably turn into every other day. Balancing school and writing is hard so I hope you understand.

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