The Red Balloon

Will two best friends be able to escape a forest? Or will the stalker clown claim them before anyone can help?


1. Where is he?


“Happy Birthday Kaylee,” all the guests shouted. On the ice cream flavored cake stood fourteen striped lime green candles. The birthday clown departed after Kaylee opened all her presents. He wasn’t hired for Kaylee but for her younger brother, Gabriel. We all called him Gabe as his nickname. Gabe has had this weird obsession with clowns ever since he was five he is now twelve. The clown was a little treat for Gabe. Mom hoped it would keep him entertained and well behaved, while his sister’s celebration was taking place.  Last year Gabe bothered all the guests. Gabe would spy on them and then when they are unaware he was nearby he would jump out and frighten them. It had gotten to the point that Kaylee’s friends started to contact their parents and ask to return home. Kaylee was looked at Gabe, her brows tilted into a scowl. She stormed out of the room spitting out incoherent words at him. She didn’t communicate to Gabe for over a week. Which was a little difficult considering that they were forced to share a room together.

We all walked into Kaylee’s room, half of it was punk rock and Goth but the other half was colorful and welcoming. Posters painted the walls a range from The Cult and Justin Bieber.

“For once in my life I can hear myself think, all day long Gabe plays hard core metal.” Kaylee stated. Kaylee had half of the night accounted for the other half she would let her friends help pick activities. It was a birthday/sleepover celebration. First, she decided they would watch a spine-chilling movie accompanied with buttery popcorn heaven with pinch of salt. It’s not a real movie without popcorn everyone knows that. It involved an evil possessed clown. The movie was titled The Dark Knight. Next, the girls discussed bands.

“I absolutely love Little Mix!” Ashley squealed.

 “Me too but my favorite band right now is Imagine Dragons,” Kaylee said while putting her hand over her heart.

“Yea I can kind of tell,” Lilly exclaimed as she pointed to the wall set aside for them.

“Oh yea I forgot about that,” Kaylee blushed.

“Have you seen the Royals music video yet?” Lilly asked before she transported a popcorn cornel into her mouth.

“Yup, it confuses me,” Lilly replied.

“Yea, I don’t understand it either.” Kaylee said with a nod.

 Later, we told each other blood curdling urban legends. Lilly told one about the doll with six fingers. It was about a little girl named Molly. She loved to collect dolls, her whole room was filled with them. She wasn’t doing very well in school, as a motivator if her grades improved her parents would give her a new doll as a reward. Well Molly did just that, her parents were pleased with her progress and took her to the mall. They passed by a second hand toy shop and Molly begged her mother to go inside. After they entered the shop Molly’s, mother told her she could get anything she wanted regardless of the price. Molly wandered up and down the aisles of the doll section and something caught her eye. It was a clown doll with red hair, yellow eyes and a large round red nose. The clowns face was twisted into an evil smirk the teeth were sharp and jagged. The clowns hand was holding up three fingers. She pleaded her mother for the disturbing doll and her mother finally caved. The shopkeeper refused to sell it until she was offered one hundred dollars. Before they left the shopkeeper advised the mother to never leave her daughter alone with the doll. The mother paid no attention and walked out happy with their purchase. Molly arrived home and placed the doll on the shelf. Few minutes later her mom entered her bedroom to tuck her in. Bright and early the next morning her mother called her to get out of bed for breakfast. When there was no reply she decided to make her way upstairs to get her out of bed. She found her daughter surrounded in a pool of blood. The clown was sitting beside her mutilated body and his fist was clenched and now holding up four fingers. This was the one that creeped me out the most.

“Ooo!” Kaylee screeched as she gave her little brother the evil eye as a signal get out of my room!

“I bet no one could be that!” Lilly added. If you guys had to rate it one through ten what would it be?

“I think a solid eight. I bet that mine is scarier though!” I challenged.

“Yea, I don’t know maybe a seven,” Kaylee added.

“Scary, and I have to say a nine.” Ashley gasped. Ashley just told the tale of Bloody Mary. There was this one legend that had been glued into Kaylee’s brain. It was a story about a creepy clown. The clown would come to children’s birthday parties, make balloon assortment of animals and then pop them. The balloons contained a deadly substance called anthrax. Seconds later kids started dropping like flies. As a matter in fact all the people there were presumed dead once the police arrived. Along with the fire department before they entered something seemed familiar to them. They took out a device that tests the contents in the air and anthrax appeared. No one was allowed in or out until twenty four hours had passed. The police thought the fire trucks could help with the process. As a result they only had to wait twelve hours. The water really helped with the eliminating of the anthrax. If the police had entered before the required time, they would be dead also. The police entered the house unknown what to feel, think or see. There was a total of seven humans and no survivors. Anthrax is just so deadly there’s no escape, it’s like a phantom. In the older days when sending and receiving mail was a rave people would try to conceal anthrax in envelopes and send it to their enemies. It was pretty successful at first but then people were hired to search for it. Almost like taste testers for higher people in the caste system this would prevent food poisoning. Hey, at least you get free food out of it! Then the clown disappeared into the night. He was never to be heard from again until his next gig.

“What do you guys think? I wrote it a few weeks ago for school,” I declared.

“Weird but awesome! My rate would have to be a spectacular ten!” Ashley said the others concurred moments later.

“Awe, thanks guys,” I smirked after I stole a look at Lilly.

          “So what do you guys want to do next?” Kaylee questioned.

          “How about we play the game manhunt?” Lilly replied.

          “Yes!” Everyone roared except Kaylee. Kaylee prevailed to be quiet but the others began jumping up and down and screaming their heads off.

          “Okay, I guess,” Kaylee finally confirmed, after an awkward thirty seconds had passed and the enthusiasm had died down. Kaylee lived in an area where there was nothing but forest. The nearest neighbor to be found lived five minutes away by walking! The girls held flashlights up to their faces so everyone could see their expressions while they talked. The trampoline was located to the left of the fence, but it was not safe for them to be using it this late and dark outside. In close proximity to the trampoline was the swing set. Kaylee decided who would count first. She chose Lilly and Ashley to be the counters.

          “There’s one regulation. Do not go too deep into the thicket. Once you spot a tree with a red marker on it stop. It’s indicating where our property ends. The rest isn’t owned by anyone other than the town so it is private property!” Kaylee concluded. All the girls moaned in disappointment but obeyed Kaylee’s rules. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to participate in the fun filled game of manhunt.

          Ashley squealed, “The clown’s party van is still there!” Just above her extended pointer finger stood the black eerie van. The front seat wasn’t occupied.

          “Hopefully he’s still packing up,” Kaylee added as she trapped a loose strand of hair behind her right ear. Everyone nodded their head in agreement. The last thing that I remember was the sound of a balloon explode. The crimson red particles looked like confetti or blood…


thanx for reading!! sorry about the paragraphing for some reason it won't let me indent.  No negative comments i am new.-Elizabeth xoxo



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