The Crossed Pathways to Home

Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to?
But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...


7. Chapter 7

~~Any time I picked up the ring, it sent a tingling sensation in the area it was in, whether it was held by the tips of my fingers or lay in the palm of hand. I really wanted to throw it away, but I couldn't. It was the only possession of my mothers' I owned. I never knew her, but I wasn't that heartless.

I woke up early for once, before Aunt Peggy felt the compulsion to scream for me.
As I got ready for the day, and wondered who would be bringing me to school. I ran downstairs, hoping to have a quiet breakfast.
I sat by the window, munching, waiting for someone or something to come. I heard Aunt Peggys' footsteps, but I didn't dare to turn my head. I felt her eyes boring into my back. I excessivally chewed my toast.
"Someone made a quick recovery" she snarkily said.
"Mmm" I mumbled. She started grumbling under her breath. Then I saw the back of someone, whom of which I was really hoping was an Irish wolf. I couldn't stay in this house any longer. The only way you could cut the atmosphere was with a very sharp and jagged saw.
I jumped up and ran out the door.
"See ya!" I slammed the door shut. I quickly walked over to what was hopefully an Irish wolf.
"Oh" I said, my stomach dropping. It was Christopher. "Hello."
"Hey" he muttered. I wanted to ask him questions and talk to him, but I knew I'd have to be very careful with what I said. He was nowhere near as welcoming and warm as Finbarr, and he still wasn't over that poor girl.
"Christopher, isn't it?" I asked as we started to walk.
"Yup" he sighed.
"I'm Lucy."
"I know." Wow, this was hard.
"Look, I'm sorry if I'm causing you any trouble. I can go to places myself." He sadly laughed.
"No you can't. Without us, you'd be killed in an instant. You're lucky lucky Finbarrs' got such great control.'s not so easy." His eyes were filled with sadness.
"What about you?" I asked. "Your control?" I tried so hard to tread very carefully.
He squinted at me sideways.
"Well, as you said, Finbarrs' control is good. Manixs' is horrific"
"Momentary slip up!" Christopher spat. "You're damn lucky he didn't kill you!" He violently jerked his head. "Not everyone gets off so easy..."
"O.K, but if Manixs' control is supposedly"
"We're here" Christopher interrupted me. He turned and glared at me, his angry, werewolf eyes penetrating my soul.
"I am not stupid. Tell Finbarr to mind his own business and not to spread confidential information" he snarled at me through his scary, razor-sharp teeth. "Keep your nose out. Thought that two close calls at death would've taught you that by now."
"Sorry..." I timidly apologized. His eyes and teeth softened from his hardened anger. He sighed.
"I'm sorry." He didn't look at me. "Just be careful, O.K?" I nodded as his eyes flickered up to see my response. He gave me some form of a smile and left.

Olivia and her lot left me alone for a while, and it was pure bliss. Peace and quiet. Quiet and peace.
But, of course, it didn't last for long. I mean, why would it?
"Hey, orphan!" came Olivias' cocky voice at break.
"What do you want?" I sighed. This was always tiring.
"Did you pay that guy yesterday? Way too fit for you." Her robots sniggered.
"Nope! That was my boyfriend" I announced smugly.
"Yeah? Prove it."
I held back from telling her that she could meet him. I didn't want to use him.
"I don't have to prove myself to you, of all people."
"You must've paid him then. Poor lad" she scoffed.
"He's meeting me after school" I shrugged. "Believe what you will."
I walked away, confidant, victorious, a massive, Finbarr style grin on my face.

I saw Finbarr under a tree and raced over.
"Hey!" I chirped.
"Hi!" he playfully grinned, looking up. "How did your gal-pals treat you today?"
"Thought I paid you" I answered, rolling my eyes. He shook his head. Then, his eyes flickered up and they oddly glimmered. He seemed to wait, his diamond pupils following something until he jumped up and whispered to me excitedly
"C'mon!" He grabbed my hand and lead me to...Olivia and her lot.
"What are you doing Finbarr?" I nervously laughed.
"Oh, you'll see. I told you that I hate bullies."
We started to walk by Olivia, and I was confused. What was this idiot up to?
"Bag?" Finbarr politely asked, while taking it off me, slinging it over his strong shoulders. He winked.
"Don't hit me" he whispered.
He slid his hand into the back pocket of my P.E tracksuit bottoms.
The excited warmness quickly bubbled up throughout me.
I looked up at him, and a dopey grin emerged on his face.
"Chancing my arm?" he quietly asked.
"Like you wouldn't believe. But you're forgiven!" I perkily added.
"O.k, hold it!" We turned around, Finbarrs' hand unmoved.
It was Olivia, showing off to her Barbies.
"You are sad!" she laughed. "I cannot believe that you would actually pay some poor, hot lad to pretend to be your boyfriend! Stupid little orphan, you are pathetic! You should've listened to me and gone and killed yourself, do us all a favour." I raggedly sighed and looked down. That was cruel. I can't believe she was once my friend, and all it took was an illness and a shot at popularity for her to hate me this much. Screw all the fancy words, she was just really mean.
But Finbarrs' growing teeth caught my eye.
"Finbarr" I softly warned. "Calm."
"You could do so much better" Olivia dramatically pointed out to Finbarr.
"Me, for example. Hot, popular..." For some absurd reason, she decided to unnecessarily flick her hair, making her look a bit stupid.
"Good in bed."
"You listen, you cow" Finbarr snarled, eventually moving his hand to point at her.
"I'm not one of those jerks who looks for girls just to sleep with them. And I would never, ever lower my standards to a slut like you!"
She looked gobsmacked.
"And if I ever hear you talk like that to my girlfriend ever again, it'll be the last thing you'll do!" He tore his angry eyes away from her, and turned to me.
"C'mon Lucy. Lets go see your Grandma." He took my hand and left, leaving the crowd that had gathered shocked.
No-one talked to Olivia like that.
It was unheard of.
"Thanks" I said in disbelief to a fuming Finbarr.
"I told you, I hate bullies. How could you even contemplate telling someone to commit suicide?"
"Because that's the way she is" I said gently. "But thank you." I kissed his cheek, and he relaxed a bit.
"No problem" he then smiled.


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