The Crossed Pathways to Home

Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to?
But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...


29. Chapter 29

~~I blinked, and I was encased in a world of darkness. I looked around, and there stood a man in his sixties in a giant, over-sized fur coat. How I could see him made no sense, as all around me was dark with no lighting. It was as if there were walls around me, painted black, but it was in the middle of the day.
"Hello?" I tentatively asked. He turned his head. He eyes were like the ones' of the ring, a strange mix of blues and yellows. I frowned. "Markievz?"
"Ah Lucy! Hello!" he grinned, his voice thick with a Swedish accent.
"How come you speak English if you're Swedish?" Well that was a useless question, since I had no idea where I was, where everyone else was, or why I was supposedly talking to a dead werewolf.
"I speak all intellect" he informed me.
"Where are we?" I asked.
"Why, we are inside the ring, my dear! You are merely the soul of your body."
"What?!" I spluttered. He chuckled.
"At this moment of time, I have you say in English, a certain part of my soul to your body, so I can speak through you, my darling. This is one form of me, my more physical form."
"Try putting your hands together" he nodded. I did so and gasped. I had no apparent mass, and I was transparent! But then I vigorously shook my head.
"What are you saying? What's going on?"
"Well" he began, "I have taken over your body, a bit like you're possessed."
Not weird at all.
"I'm telling them how I feel about Wolvien laws, about witnesses."
"What about witnesses. Whose side are you on?" I urgently asked.
"Ah, dear, there is no definite side. We are all one. Hopefully now, they will become more of a unit. But you'll go back soon, don't worry."
"What about you?" I asked confusedly. I really should be persisting to know what exactly he was saying, but I felt overly dazed.
"Ah, I have been waiting for this particular event for a long time" he smiled. "Once you are back in your own body, I can leave this forsaken ring and finally rest in peace. But I had fun with you. You were amusing to wind up, my multiple great grand-daughter" he smirked.
"Mm" I answered sarcastically. "So will Finbarr and the pack be safe?" He cocked his head.
"My more spiritual side has finished. Take care of that Finbarr. I've never seen such a committed and caring wolf in my lifetime." My sight became blurry again. "Have a good life, my child."
"You too, I guess." Then I felt a rushing sensation.

I began to see light again, and was finally back in my own body. I felt the remnants of Markievz soul wisping out of me, going up and beyond.
Voices and noises became louder, and I felt Finbarrs' grasp on my hand.
"Lucy?" came his voice, but to my ears, it was distant. "Lucy! Lucy!" His voice became louder and louder.
Finally, I could hear, see and feel, and I stumbled as my 'soul' fully placed itself into my body. Finbarr caught me before I fell. There were werewolves everywhere. I looked around at all the concerned, amazed faces. I tilted my head to look up at Finbarr, and he stared into my eyes.
"Did I do O.K?" I groggily asked. He smiled in relief and nodded.
"Perfect. Witnesses are safe." I felt all my worries lift away, but still noticed that Finbarr looked worried.
"What's wrong?" His eyes flickered over at Lisa, and she handed us a compact mirror.
"You might want to look at your eyes" he sympathetically smiled. I frowned, flicked open the mirror, and sharply inhaled.
My eyes.
They were brown, with a cat-like, diamond shaped pupil. I blinked. And then I blinked again.
I had werewolf eyes.
"Wow" I whispered.
"The mark of a Hnart" Finbarr shakily stated.
"No" came Masons' voice. "Lucy, I think you're a werewolf." I scrunched up my face as Finbarr helped me up.
"Try to change" I heard Austin say.
"It might be too soon" warned Mason.
"No, just do it! She was a Hnart, we have no idea how this works!"
", how do I do that?" I stuttered.
"Just imagine yourself changing. Think wolf. It's difficult, so don't worry" Finbarr said gently. I closed my eyes and did so. I opened them again, feeling no different.
"I don't think it worked," I began, but jumped as soon as I heard my low, growly, husky voice. I looked down and saw paws. Everyone looked at me, shocked.
"Did you not feel the change?" Austin asked me. I shook my head, and I felt pointed ears on my head. Then I noticed Christopher looking at me sadly.
This was exactly what he didn't want. I was no longer in any way human, unable to go to college now.
"Try to change back. Quickly!" came Austins' voice. So I closed my eyes, and thought human. I opened my eyes, looked at my hands and laughed.
"I don't believe it! No chemicals that could kill or severely mutate me!"
And I couldn't believe it. Markievz was the best! I had gotten what I wanted most. The promise I could stay with Finbarr and my friends. Freedom. The promise of getting away from my old, miserable life, a guaranteed new life. Safety, happiness, acceptance.
A home.


Nearly finished :3 Another couple of chapters ;) At the end, I will also re-upload chapter 5 (dunno why that came out so weird)

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