The Crossed Pathways to Home

Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to?
But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...


28. Chapter 28

~~I sat on my bed, looking at the ring. The colours were wildly swirling.
"What are you doing?" I exasperatedly asked.
"Closer" a voice whispered. I jumped. That wasn't a voice from my head. It didn't sound like them. It didn't sound like it came from within my head, it sounded like it came from...
"M...Markievz?" I stuttered to the ring. Nothing. "Closer?" I shakily asked.
"Soon" I heard another ghostly whisper.
"Wow" I grinned, both ecstatic and scared senseless. "Mason and Christopher are going to love this!" And with this crazy idea that with a whisper and a ring, that a ghost would haunt me, I put the ring in a box, under a book, into my bedside dresser.

The next morning, Finbarr met me at the door.
"We have to get to Mason, really quickly!" I told him, hyper.
"Why?" he asked, his brow furrowed.
"The ring! It literally spoke to me. I heard his voice!" Finbarrs' eyes widened to twice their size.
"Really?" he asked, gobsmacked.
"Yes, now, lets GO!" I said desperately, jumping around with anticipation. This was finally going somewhere, and I was excited.
"C'mon, jockey back!" He hoisted me up onto his back and sprinted. I tightly held on, afraid I was going to fall off at his immense speed, but enjoyed the fantastic, familiar sensation of freedom and adrenaline. But I could hardly see, my fringe clouding my vision.
"Mason!" shouted Finbarr as we reached the village.
"Mason!" I yelled. Mason opened his door as Finbarr carried me towards his house. We met him, and Finbarr dropped me down.
"Mason, Markievz" Finbarr said breathlessly, hands on knees, breathing erratically, his teeth sharp. Mason frowned at me.
"The colours are going crazy in the ring" I informed him. "He actually spoke to me last night, I heard his voice!" Mason looked both slightly alarmed and amazed. Christopher, Seamus, Lisa and a few other werewolves had begun to gather, hearing the commotion.
"Phoebe!" he said authoritatively to another werewolf. "Go get Austin, now!" I gulped. This was looking serious.
"What exactly is happening?" I cautiously asked. Christopher shrugged.
"No-ones' exactly sure, but Markievz is supposed to talk through you."
"I'll be here. You'll be grand" Finbarr reassured me, squeezing my hand.
"I'm a bit scared" I nervously admitted. I didn't like how all the werewolves were anxiously talking, more wolves coming out, people looking both excited and worried. I raked my hand through my hair. He kissed my forehead.
"You'll be perfectly safe" he whispered.
After about half an hour, Phoebe had returned with Austin, and a few other Swedish werewolves, and the population of this village had surrounded me. They morphed back to their human forms, and Austins' scarily dark eyes glared at me. I looked down to the ring and gasped.
"What?" Finbarr asked, dumbly looking at the ring. Only then did I realize that only I could see the colours, the words. No-one else.
"It says...are you ready." My voice wasn't more than a whisper.
Austin and Mason made their way to the front of the group to examine what was happening.
"Answer it!" Austin snapped. I gulped, and felt my legs beginning to shake.
"Right here" I heard Finbarrs' almost inaudible voice.
Yeah..." I quietly replied. The ring began to shine bright and I felt my eyes open wide not only with the glare, but something else.
"Oh my God, her eyes!" I heard Lisa shriek. But the noises began to fade, and my vision was constantly turning darker, blurrier.
Then I blinked.

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