The Crossed Pathways to Home

Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to?
But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...


2. Chapter 2

~~I walked through the forest on my way to Grandma's house, violently rubbing my eyes. I hated the fact that because Olivia and I were once so close, she knew just what nerve to hit. She got it right every damn time.

I stood outside Grandma's house and sighed. You always had to prepare yourself. Seeing Grandma so ill was never easy. I was about to take the first step up the porch, when I heard a rustle behind me. I quickly spun around, and stared behind me for a while, but nothing was there.
I opened the door to the warm and welcome feeling to my Grandma's house, to home.
I love Grandma and Grandma loves me. My aunt and I...not so much.
"Hey Grandma" I said softly. I smiled sadly as she seemed to get smaller and the bed got bigger. She looked wretched.
She was really pale, and her hair was never washed, styled or brushed the way she used to do it. She drowsily opened her eyes.
"Lucy! Hello darling!" Her voice wasn't much more than a whisper. I pulled over the chair and sat beside her.
"How are you?" I sadly asked. She brushed my question off.
"Same old. What about you?" I shrugged.
"I'm O.K. Here, I made these for you." I pulled out the fairy-cakes. She weakly smiled.
"Thank you, darling. Be a lamb and put them on the chest over there." I nodded and did so, but I had a niggling feeling that she'd never eat them.
"Hello Lucy!" came Sophie's voice. I nodded to Grandma's nurse. "I have to give you your antibiotics in a few" she informed Grandma, in a strangely perky manner. She turned to me. "Your Grandma's going to get quite sleepy after these, so you'd probably best be going in the next five or ten minutes" she apologized.
"Yeah, O.K" I sighed. She hurried into the kitchen. Grandma sighed in frustration.
"I hate how you bother yourself to come, and then told to go away!"
"Grandma, it's fine! It's no effort, I love coming to see you." She weakly smiled.
"You're a good girl, Lucy. You'll visit soon, won't you?"
"Of course" I sadly smiled.
"Send your Aunt Peggy my love!" I smiled stiffly.
"See you..." Aunt Peggy didn't deserve Grandma's love.
I kissed her feathery, old, soft, wrinkled skin and walked out the front door.
It was getting cold so I pulled up my hoodie.
I closed my eyes and sighed. Grandma had a good point. I hated going and then being told to go away.
I started to walk away, when again, I heard a noise. I turned around to see someone, a year or two younger than me, a fourteen or fifteen year old boy standing outside my Grandma's cottage.
"Excuse me?" I asked. He didn't respond, his back facing me. He looked the house up and down.
"Hey!" I called again. No response. "Dude, what do you want?" I tapped his shoulder, and he violently spun around, pushing me over. I had mud all over my hands.
"Aw crap" I moaned. Aunt Peggy'll kill me. But I turned my attention back to this mystery person. I looked up, and there he was, standing over me, staring at me.
I held my breath. His eyes were exactly like those on my ring. A pupil like a cat's, diamond shaped, but his eyes were green, not blues and yellows.
"W-what are you...d-doing here?" I stuttered.
"It's none of your business" he snarled. His canines were unusually sharp, and he an extremely menacing demeanure. I gulped.
"Go away" I meekly said, but it was as courageous as I could manage. He let out a laugh.
"Like I'd do as you say!" he scoffed. I shuffled away from under him, but he began to follow.
"Seriously" I warned in fright. He just creepily smiled and kept coming.
"You don't know what you're messing with." He crouched and I yelped and shut my eyes, but then I heard this mystery person yell too. I kept my face covered with my hands until I heard another voice.
"Need a hand?" I warily looked up. There stood another boy, around seventeen or eighteen. He was tall, with styled, sweeping blonde hair. He had a sympathetic grin on his face and had his hand held out. He seemed friendly, but then I saw his eyes. He, too, had diamond, cat-like pupils, but his eyes were ice-blue. I glanced at the other one. He was looking down, a couple of scratches on his face and was rubbing his arm. I looked back up to the blonde one, and then got myself up. He awkwardly put his arm back to his side.
"Sorry" he started. "Manix over there need to learn to control himself!" He glared at Manix. Looking back at me, he said "He has Tourettes." I knew straight off he was lying.
"Sorry" Manix mumbled, still looking down and rubbing his arm. I looked at them both in confusion.
"Um...well, sorry about that. Yeah, we'd better go but, eh, see you around?" asked the blonde one.
"Sure" I slowly answered. He nodded and they both took off.
I looked into the clearing to see where they had gone, but all I could see were two...wolves?
I blinked hard and looked again, but they were gone.
"Weird" I frowned. I started to walk away. "Very weird..."

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