The Crossed Pathways to Home

Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to?
But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...


15. Chapter 15

Long chapter sorry :P


~~"D'you know what? Finbarr randomly burst.
"We should go on a proper date. Dinner or whatever. Do you want to?"
I grinned and nodded.
"Awesome! Tomorrow night! Lucy, will you go on a date with me?"
"I will" I said, jokingly serious. He pecked my lips.
I felt gooey inside. How sweet! Our first official date.

"Date's tomorrow night, so someone'll bring you home about six, and we can meet up again at seven" Finbarr told me as he dropped me off at Peggys' house.
As he leaned in to kiss me, Peggy flung open the door.
"You two, in here, NOW" she shrieked.
Finbarr looked over at her, one eyebrow raised.
"What?" he asked me dumbly.
" aunt who hates me" I quietly informed him. He then looked at her with disgust.
"Just...let me talk, O.K?"
"Do I have to?" he moaned.
"Yes!" I hissed. "C'mon, let's go."
Peggy aggressively pulled out one chair and sat down on it. She darted her eyes between Finbarr and I, who were awkwardly standing in front of her. I frowned at her, remembering how she could see Finbarrs' eyes.
Just normal human eyes.
How weird.
"And who in Gods' name are you?" she spat at Finbarr.
"I'm Finbarr. And you are?" he asked angrily.
Oh Finbarr, shut up shut up shut up. Please.
She scowled at him.
"I should call the Gardaì on you!"
"What did I do?" he scoffed.
"You tried to assault her" she laughed, pointing at me.
"Oh my God, you idiot!" he sniggered.
"Finbarr!" I warned. "Peggy, for crying out loud, he wasn't assaulting me!"
"You wouldn't care if she was assaulted!"
Who would?, sneered the voices.
Not now! I growled in my head.
"You'd just love to get me into trouble because I can stand up to you!"
Her scowly face didn't really change expression because he was right.
She didn't like him at all, she really just wanted to get him into trouble.
"Peggy, this is my boyfriend...Finbarr." I cringed. What a lovely introduction.
"Well, someone has horrible taste" she spat.
She's talking about you! She's right, Finbarr could do better!
Shut up, we both know what she means!
"Peggy!" I yelped.
"You're a bad influence" she said to him matter-of-factly.
"Oh, am I?" he said threateningly.
"O.K, introduction finished, let's go!" I said desperately.
"Stay away from her" Peggy growled at Finbarr. His teeth grew.
"Make me" he said darkly.
"O.K, I'll be back in a sec" I told Peggy anxiously as I, with much effort, eventually pushed Finbarr out the front door.
"Bitch!" he spat at the door.
"What the?! Dude, I told you to keep quiet!"
His whole body was tense, his fists clenched, his eyes watching the house angrily, his teeth pushing down on his bottom lip.
He looked so hot.
I tried to push my attractions aside though, and did both the smart and right thing and tried calm him down.
"She's evil! How could she think that I was going to assault you?!"
"Because that's the type of person she is, Finbarr" I said gently. "C'mon man, don't lose the rag."
"Lose the rag? I'll bloody kill her" he viciously snarled.
I stood in front of him, trying to block his view of the house because I knew that he could kill her if he really wanted to.
His eyes then fixed on me, but he was still seething.
"Calm down." I touched his cheek, and then held the side of his face.
"Calm down" I repeated quietly.
His anger melted away and turned into sadness, but he still breathed heavily.
"I don't want to leave you with her" he meekly whimpered.
"I don't want you to leave me with her either" I honestly told him. "But unless I'm a werewolf..." I shrugged.
He longingly looked at me.
I looked at him hopefully.
" could...I could...Mason could...Mason...if you learned control...stayed with us..."
"Yes?" I prodded. He smiled.
"Anything's better than here" he said slowly. I vigorously nodded.
"Um...Maybe I could, I could see...what I could...what Mason"
I hugged him hard, and felt tears of happiness pour down my face.
He held me protectively and stroked my hair.
"Thank you, thank you so much!" I sniffed.
"Oh sweetie" he breathed, resting his cheek on my head.
"Could I actually leave?" I asked.
"'Course. You can legally leave home at sixteen, you can leave school too."
I hugged him harder.
"Finbarr, you are the best!" I roughly kissed his cheek.
Peggy then started to rap at the window.
"See you tomorrow?" I grinned, my heart racing with excitement. He gently smiled.
"Of course." I quickly kissed him.
"I love you!" I said as I raced in.
I leaned back on the door, nearly getting sick with anticipation, buzzing with excitement.
I can be a werewolf! Finbarr was O.K with it! There was a legal way for me to go!
And I just told Finbarr that I loved him!
"I don't like him!" Peggy yelled as I bounded up the stairs.
"Different strokes for different folks!" I yelled back.
I shut my door, and I started to jump up and down, squealing.
"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! I love my life!" I was almost singing.
It won't last, the voices trilled.
"Yes it will!" I happily sang.
I collapsed on my bed and looked at the ring.
"Can I be a werewolf, oh magic eight ball ring?" I asked it.
'Yes' came up. I kissed it. I lay out flat on my bed, with a massive, stupid grin on my face.
Life was bloody fantastic for the first time ever!

Christopher was waiting for me the next morning.
"Hi" he said tiredly, rubbing his head.
"Hangover?" I sympathetically asked.
"Unfortunately" he regretfully replied. "Look, I'm really sorry about yesterday" he grimaced.
"Seriously, no problem" I assured him. "If you're happy, I'm happy."
We started walking.
"Finbarr was in a fantastic mood when he came home last night" Christopher mentioned.
"Really?" I asked hopefully.
Yes, he decided to break up with you.
"Yeah" he smiled. "Something about you loving him."
I looked away and smiled to myself.
"You make him really happy. In the last month or so, he's never been happier" Christopher continued wistfully.
I looked at a tired and hungover Christopher. Yes, I was buzzing because I made Finbarr happy, I was over the moon, but I couldn't help but worry about Christopher.
"Think about looking for a girlfriend?" I tentatively asked.
He shrugged.
"I don't know." I felt my eyes light up. That was a step up from a definite no. He glanced at me and the corners of his mouth definitely twitched and he seemed to think.
"Good on you" I murmured to myself.

Instead of being met by Finbarr, I was met by Lisa.
"Hey" she grinned. "Heard you're on a date tonight!" she teased. I smally smiled, but felt myself blush.
"Well, Finbarr is in the very non-reliable hands of Seamus to go and find a suit, and I am going to get you ready for tonight!"
"What?" I frowned. "I thought we were just grabbing something to eat."
"No, Finbarr booked a table at some fancy restaurant" she excitedly told me.
I felt my stomach drop. I didn't like fancy, posh things. I'd honestly prefer a rasher sandwich compared to little fish cakes. I never dressed up either, I was forever in my red hoodie and skinny jeans.
"Oh" I said shakily.
"Don't be nervous!" she reassured me. "I know a great little shop, we'll find a fantastic outfit for you!"
"Great" I said weakly.
I hated shopping with a passion.
Because you're so ugly, nothing fits you and you're not worth the money.

We walked into a clothes shop and I felt overwhelmed. There was so much stuff.
"Know what you like, don't like?" she asked.
"Um...I don't really wear dresses..." I murmured, rubbing my arm, stopping above my wrist.
"No problem!" she said warmly. "I love a challenge!" She looked me up and down, and I felt embarrassed.
"Right...I think I know what type of things that would suit you. Let's go find it!"
For a 'little place' this department store was huge.
Lisa looked totally focused, and there was silence for a little while. To end this uncomfortable silence, I decided to spark up a conversation.
" used to go out with Finbarr?" I asked.
Paranoid git.
Shut up, I'm bored and curious.
"Aw yeah, that was a few years ago. I think he was fourteen and I was fifteen" she nodded.
"Why'd you break up?" I asked inquisitively.
"Didn't work out" she shrugged. "We found that we just didn't like each other like that."
"Have a boyfriend now?" I asked.
"Yeah" she lovingly smiled. "But he lives in another pack. I'm hoping that he will move over here soon. I'd never leave here! I could never leave Seamus, life without him wouldn't be worth living!" she laughed. Then her eyes shined.
"Oh, I found it! Oh, and these shoes!" I looked at her choice, and I couldn't quite make out what she had picked as it was all bundled up in her arms.
"There's no mirrors in the changing room, so I'll look and see if it's O.K!"
"Can you not just take a picture and show me?" I confusedly asked.
"Oh, no no no no! Let me pick and show you tonight. Oh, pretty please!"
"Alright then" I reluctantly nodded.
I put on the dress and shoes, and as Lisa had said, there were no mirrors.
Lisa clapped her hands excitedly as I came out to show her what I was wearing. Surrounding us were girls taking pictures of their friends, showing them how they looked.
"Lucy, it''s perfect! Finbarr will be blown away!"
"I feel stupid" I muttered. I felt as if I couldn't move properly, and every movement that I did make was awkward.
"Ah, shut up, you haven't even seen yourself yet! I'll come to your house and do your hair. I promise, you'll be even more beautiful than usual!"
Usual?, the monsters sneered. Something is up with her eyesight.
"Fine" I defeatedly sighed.
"Yes!" she whooped.

"I promise, I'll pay you back" I told Lisa.
"Wouldn't dream of it. I love fashion, I would've pursued it if I was human. Once you wear it and love it, that's my payment."
Sigh of relief.
I did not have sixty-five euro.
"Can I ask you a question?"
"Fire away" she nodded.
"Where does the pack get their money from?"
She sheepishly grinned.
"Older, very controlled and trusted wolves go out to work. And we get benefits from the government. How we get away with it, I'll never know. Certain wolves deal with that stuff. Money is spread out between us so we can buy food and save up money."
Ah. I sniggered, knowing the government was having the wool pulled over their eyes, and they''ll probably never know about it.

"Well, Finbarr is most likely in the house. I'll pick you up at six and bring this with me" she said, lifting up the bag a little more.
"Bye!" she chirped. She walked away and I jogged to Finbarrs' house As I opened the door, I heard Seamus say,
"Maith thù! See Finbarr, I told you somebody would love you someday!"
"I'm actually really excited for tonight" came Finbarrs' voice.
"Good on you mate" came Christophers voice, and I was surprised to hear such genuine supportiveness in his tone.
I walked in.
"Hey guys!" A mixtures of hellos' and a Dia duit came towards me.
"You didn't say that I'd have to go shopping!" I said, jokingly angry to Finbarr.
"I wasn't told either" he grumbled. "Flipping Lisa and this one!" he said, pointing his thumb at Seamus.
"Seamus!" I laughed.
"Ah, now, we knew Finbarr would mess it up!"
"Hey!" he yelped indignantly.
"Plus, Lisa is a real romantic, she couldn't contain herself sure!"
"What's your dress like?" Finbarr curiously but cautiously asked.
"Um...I don't know" I shrugged. "There was no mirrors, Lisa didn't really want me to see myself."
"O...K then" Finbarr frowned at me in confusion.
"Well, mise and Chris will leave you two to it" Seamus said. He and Christopher shared an acknowledging look and left.
I sat beside Finbarr, the house silent for the first time.
"What's your suit like?" I asked him. He made a face.
"I can't tell the difference between suits." But then he stopped and smiled.
"I...I love you too" he said shyly.
And I melted.
His eye didn't twitch, the voices in my head couldn't say a thing.
He could've mastered it!
No, I told them, he couldn't.
His face was so sweet, so sincere, and his scary but beautiful ice-blue eyes looked up at me like an adorable puppy.
He held my hand and we both smiled.
"Really?" I asked.
"Really and truly" he replied. Then he shyly looked down again.
"Yesterday was cool. You know, before Austin came along."
"Yeah, it was" I said softly. His eyes flickered up to me, and back down again. I bent my head to gently kiss his lips.
"You're the best" he sheepishly grinned.
Well, if that's not a lie, it's a joke.
I decided to ignore the monsters.
"I know!" I laughed, and jokingly shoved his shoulder.

"Come on, Lucy! Lets go!" came Lisas' over-enthusiastic voice.
"Better go" I told Finbarr. He looked disappointed.
"Aw" he moaned, sticking out his bottom lip.
"See you in an hour!" I said chirpily, and kissed his nose.
I bounced downstairs to Lisa, and she nearly ran all the way to Peggys' house.
Peggy merely glared at us as we went upstairs, probably learning her mistake from yesterday.
Lisa spent what seemed like an age, but in reality was only about half an hour on my hair and make up. When she was finished, she shuffled away from me, glanced at me up and down and her face light up.
"Gorgeous! Look at yourself in the mirror, go on go on go on!"
I uncomfortably got up, but afraid, closed my eyes as I reached the mirror.
"And...look!" Lisa excitedly exclaimed, buzzing.
I opened one eye and gasped.
Not even Olivia or the voices in my head could dis this.
I opened the other eye. I couldn't believe that that was me!
My dress was strapless and stopped a little bit above my knees. The skirt flared and the top was fitted. It was white and was lacy, something I actually loved. The shoes were white and gold high heeled high tops.
Lisa had straightened my hair and made my fringe look like it had been professionally styled. My hair looked glossy and smooth and it reached a little bit past my shoulders.
My eyes were outlined in golden glittered eyeliner, and my eyelashes were thick and curled with mascara, and I had dangly white feather earrings.
"Lisa...I don't know what to say!" I couldn't stop looking myself up and down.
The transformation was unbelievable!
I laughed at myself for being so shocked.
"Oh, do you like it?" she asked hopefully.
"Love it" I told her confidently.
"Yay!" she squealed. "Let's get you on that date!"

Lisa left me outside a hugely intimidating posh restaurant.
I breathed heavily. This was way out of my territory.
As I was shown to my table, I was only too glad to see Finbarr. He stood up and took my breath away.
He had a black suit with a white shirt and a black skinny tie.
As he had said, not particularly any different from any other suit, but woah.
He had his blonde hair perfectly styled as per usual, and he looked fit.
Really, really hot.
His eyes flickered up and down me.
"Hello" he said quietly. He kissed my cheek.
"You look amazing" I said, sitting down.
"Me?" he asked looking entranced, and I felt myself blush.
"Lucy, you look out of this world!"
"You should thank Lisa. The girl has an eye for fashion."
"She didn't give you your looks though" he pointed out, his eyebrows raised.
"Shut up!" I said shyly.
"I've never seen you with your wrists exposed before" he said quietly, looking at my forever scarred wrists.
"I usually cover them" I gulped, only realizing now that they were on full show.
"Well done" he winked.

The dinner was fantastic. As nervous as I was that I would hate all the food and everything would be so posh that it would be disgusting, but it was all delicious.
We talked and laughed all evening.
I learned a very attractive fact that Finbarr played the guitar perfectly.
Who doesn't want a boy who could swoon you with music?
As I ate my chocolate cake and Finbarr ate his ice-cream, I sighed contentedly.
"I had fun" I told him.
"So did I" he said. Then he put ice-cream on my nose.
"Hey!" I squealed, but then lowered my voice as a couple of heads turned.
As he faced his cheek towards me, I smothered some of my cake on his face. He laughed before taking some of it off with two of his fingers and put it in his mouth.
"Good" he murmured.
"So, you have to play me a song on that guitar of yours" I told him.
He chuckled.
"Real chick magnet" I wheedled.
"I will play you a song" he promised."But...I was talking to Mason about getting you away from your aunts."
"Yeah?" I asked hopefully.
"Well, he's not sure because of the prophecy, whether you should stay a Hnart or"
"I already asked the ring!" I interrupted him." I asked it could I be a werewolf and it said yes!" His eyes widened.
"Woah...Cool! But um...because you're a Hnart, the changing process is different to a human changing."
"Go on" I said impatiently.
"Well, usually humans drink a mix of chemicals"
"Chemicals? Wouldn't that kill you?"
I had always expected some mythical bite or magic spell or something ridiculous like that.
"No. But since you already have some wolf genes...we have to be careful about the amounts and mixture of chemicals we give you. So we don' know...kill or severely mutate you."
"Kill or severely mutate me?" I asked with terrified sarcasm.
"Well" he shrugged. "Kind of hard to tell. Mason is in contact with some experts, trying to calculate the amount of chemicals and stuff."
"Experts?" I skeptically asked. "I thought I was the first Hnart?"
"You are. Well, as far as we know of."
"So how in the world are there experts?" I urgently whispered.
"Well...experts in the changing process, I guess."
I was beginning to stress. And for me, stress isn't good.
Stress, depression and stupid voices were the main reasons for my self-harm last time. My guidance counciller had told me to make sure to not be stressed, to always try to keep calm, to walk away from problems that were too big, but to try and learn to cope.
But I couldn't walk away from this one.
I desperately wanted to change, and I think the werewolves were relying on me to bring peace.
But how I was going to do that was freaking me out.
We're going to win, we're going to win, the voices sang. 


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