The Crossed Pathways to Home

Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to?
But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...


13. Chapter 13

~~I did my best to keep out of Aunt Peggys' way and sat on the curb outside. I had a sinking feeling that I might not be going anywhere today.
That's because they don't want you.
But gut feelings and evil voices could be wrong.
"It's you again" I said sarcastically to Christopher.
"You're unreal!" he spat, agitated.
He means he hates you.
Not listening, I trilled.
"Seriously, Mason is upset, and I can understand why you may be annoyed with him, but I had Finbarr crying his eyes out to me last night!"
"What?" I softly asked again, in disbelief.
"He was really upset about that argument you had yesterday!"
Look what you did, the voices said disgustedly. Go get rid of yourself, save him the trouble.
We started to walk and I shook my head.
"He was being totally unreasonable!" I protested.
"Was he? Did you even stop and think to ask why he doesn't want you to be a werewolf?"
"I asked him but he didn't give me an answer" I said defensively.
Oh, well done, the voices sarcastically said. You did one thing right. Go hang yourself before you get on a roll.
"Look, you know he was human before?" I nodded. "He regrets not having normal human experiences. School, family, college, girls."
You're just an experiment. To see what it could be like. He's gonna drop you.
"You see what he's like, cheeky lad sort of thing. He would've loved to be able to go clubbing, have his own group of friends, to be a normal seventeen year old. Not to be a werewolf, not to want to kill people. Why can't you understand?"
Cause she's stupid.
I hated how Christopher always seemed to be right.
"What do you care, anyway?" I snapped. I didn't want him to be right. I just wanted Finbarr to be ignorant and then apologize. I didn't want him to have a damn good reason.
Like the many good reasons for why you should kill yourself?
"Because!" He bit his lip and looked away angrily. "Because...Finbarr is my friend...and I almost got you killed."
"You what now?" You learn something shocking with this lot everyday.
He violently sighed.
"The day Manix attacked you...I was supposed to be keeping an eye on him. He had this look in his eye. I...I wasn't minding, let it slip my mind, basically. Luckily, Finbarr realized he was gone and saved you."
Should've let her die, chanted the monsters. Wasn't lucky at all!
"If it wasn't for him, I'd have another dead girl on my list." He shook his head sadly.
"Finbarr may come across as stupid, but he only says things because he cares."

We stopped outside their house.
"Go on, find him" he nodded.
He won't want you, he won't want you, they jeered.
"Will he want me to?" I asked, letting the monsters creating some paranoia.
"He's crazy about you. Of course he does."
"Christopher?" I asked as I opened the door.
"Think about looking for a girlfriend. Someone out there is perfect for you."
I shut the door, hearing it click.
The likelihood that he took my advice into mere consideration was tiny, but still, it was worth a try. I hate seeing him on his own.
"Finbarr!" I called. "Finbarr?"
"Dia duit, a Lucy" Seamus' head said. His whole body emerged from the hallway.
"Finbarrs' upstairs. Come on, I'll show you."
I nervously followed him up the relatively dark stairs.
"In there" he told me and he retreated back down the stairs.
I knocked on the door.
"Please leave me alone" came a snivelly voice.
He even asked you nicely, they said nastily.
I knocked again.
"Go away!"
C'mon, leave you worthless cow!
I knocked again. He flung the door open.
"'s you." He looked miserable.
Look what you've done. All you're good at is making people sad.
Seriously, leave me ALONE!
"Hey" I said quietly. He went back and sat on his chair, facing away from me.
I looked around. His walls were painted blue, and his room wasn't the cleanest. He had a couple of different pictures on the wall, of random genres of music. His bed sheets were thrown back and crumpled.
"Finbarr...I'm sorry for snapping at you" I said standing in the middle of the room.
"But you really can't tell me what to do."
You really are trying to mess up this relationship, aren't you?
I grimaced, trying my best to ignore the niggling persons within my head.
"But you'll regret it" he whimpered.
"Why? Because I can be away from people who hate me? Because I can stay with all of you?"
Because you can't go to a licensed psychiatrist and get rid of us, they cackled.
I don't need a shrink, I know you're not real, just over-active paranoid, negative thoughts.
"Don't you want to make something of yourself? Go to college, get a group of friends?" he asked sadly.
"Why can't all of you be my friends? Why can't I control myself and go to college if I want to?"
"Because! You don't understand, do you?" he asked, exasperated.
No, of course she doesn't, her IQ consists of minus numbers.
There's no such thing as a minus IQ number, you idiots, I snapped in my head.
"When you are a werewolf, you have to be so careful. It's like that phrase, with great power comes great responsibility and all that. If you're a werewolf, what right have you to put anyone else's life at risk?" He raised his eyebrows.
"But what if there was a few of us, you me and Christopher? Plus, if you don't want to risk peoples' lives, was I an exemption? I was human to you and me." He looked down ashamedly.
Because you should die.
"I was selfish, and I'm sorry. Maybe it was supposed to be...You do have this ring from the prophecies. Hey, you're the only known Hnart in the world!"
See how he doesn't mention your relationship. He hates you.
"And I love being with you" he added gently.
I felt my face soften.
"But we couldn't go to college. It would be too much of a risk. It hasn't been tried. I just don't want your life to be wasted."
I sighed, knowing what I was about to say would probably come back to haunt me.
"Look, I don't want to make you uncomfortable. Think about it?" I asked, metaphorically kicking myself.
He gave me a small smile.
"'Course." He invitingly held his arms, and I only too gladly sat on his lap and buried myself into his body. He kissed my forehead.
"Thank you" he whispered.
That was probably a no.

Christopher glared at me as Finbarr and I walked down the stairs, hand in hand.
Lisa grinned and nudged Seamus.
"I told you that they would make up!"
I awkwardly looked down.
Nice to know your relationship issues were being talked about.
They're not the only issues you have.
"Dhun do bhèal, a Lisa!" Seamus hissed, his face gone red.
Finbarr stared stonily at them.
A knock came on the door. Christopher only too happily got up and sped off to answer it.
"Come on in!" we heard him say in an unusually sweet manner.
"Heya Tara!" chirped Lisa.
"There's my favourite girl" winked Finbarr.
Not like it was ever you.
I felt my eyes rolling.
Stupid voices, I told them. You are going to say that to every five year old.
He chuckled as she ran over to him. He picked her up and twirled him around.
"Have you been working on your Gaeilge?" Seamus over-enthusiastically asked. She vigorously nodded her head, whipping her blonde hair.
"Dia duit" he said, grinning, to her.
"Dia is Mhuire duit" she stated slowly.
"Maith thù!" he excitedly exclaimed. "Conas atà tù?"
"Tà mè go...go...maith!" she stuttered.
"Cool! High five!" She slapped his and then looked over at me. I gave her a small wave and she half-hid behind Finbarrs' arms, grinning. She was adorable, with her polka dot dress and ripped white tights.
I was sad at the thought that society could cripple her, make her into a lonely, anorexic, suicidal, self-harming girl.
She whispered something into Finbarrs' ear. He sniggered and nodded, and she let out a high pitch giggle.
It was infectious, and I laughed, even though I wondered if I should cry, because I knew how crappy life could be. But then again, she would have nothing to do with humans, and I knew nothing about werewolf society. I could only hope she'd have a better adolescent life than I had previously had.
Lisa and Seamus sat stupidly grinning at this weirdly hilarious giggle, as was Finbarr, but my heart sank as my eyes glided over Christopher.
He looked almost longingly at Tara, and although you could see that he cared for the little girl, she made him sad at the same time.
I remembered what he had told me yesterday. All he wanted was a family, kids of his own.
I looked over hopelessly at him. He wouldn't achieve his dreams until he reached out and grabbed them.
It was either that or he'd be miserable for the rest of his life.
"Hi Lucy" popped up a little voice and I snapped my head back to attention.
"I'm Tara!"
"Hiya" I grinned. "You're looking very pretty today!"
Unlike you!
I resisted the urge to scream shut up.
"Thank you" she proudly. I presume her mother or father had told her not to get herself filthy...a task she had partially achieved. At least her face wasn't muddy.
She beckoned me to come over.
"Yes?" I asked, standing beside her and Finbarr. She signaled for me to bend down so she could whisper something to me. I bent my knees and shoved a piece of hair behind my ears.
"Are you Finbarrs'...girlfriend?" I tried so hard not to laugh, so I just nodded.
She violently giggled again, and I couldn't help let out a giggle with her.
"What are you doing here anyway, Tara?" Christopher kindly asked, but you could see that he just wanted her to leave.
"Oh yeah!" she yapped, a light bulb switching on. "My mammy wants some flour please!"
Lisa rummaged through a bright green cupboard and presented her with a bag of flour.
"Why we have this, I don't know. But here, you can keep it" Lisa shrugged.
"Thank you!" she gurgled, as some of the white powder poofed up onto her face.
"Here, I'll carry you home, will I?" Finbarr asked.
"Yes please!"
The joy on Taras' face was priceless as we brought her back to her house. She was laughing with delight, she was like an over-sized baby.
"Would you?" Finbarr asked, nodding at the front door of the tiny houses.
I knocked.
"Oh...hi" I said tentatively.
Surprise, surprise, it was Manix.
Ask him to kill you!
He looked down, embarrassed.
"Special delivery!" joked Finbarr, spinning a screaming Tara before putting her down. She gave a minuscule wave and raced into the house.
"Mammy!" I heard her fading voice. "Mammy! I got the flour from from Seamus, Christopher, Finbarr and Lisa! Lisa said we could keep it! Ooh, and I met Finbarrs' girlfriend too!"
I shook my head and chuckled.
"Um...thanks" mumbled Manix, still looking down.
"No problem Manix!" Finbarr grinned.
"You O.K?" I asked. Probably way out of line since Manix looked confused, but kept his eyes glued to ground.
"Um...sorry about that...thing..."he trailed off.
He's sorry for not killing you, damn right!
I clenched my fists in frustration, but then let out a sigh.
"You're grand!" I said perkily. "Seriously, no hard feelings" I assured him.
He still looked somewhat upset. I took a deep breath. I know I didn't want what was happening to Christopher to happed to him too.
I held out my hand.
"Friends?" I asked. He looked warily at my hand, but then gently took it.
"Sure" he said slowly, but happily.
"Cool!" I enthusiastically shook his paw and a smile emerged on his face, a smile, I presumed, that was of relief.

"That was nice of you" said Finbarr as we sat on a bench within the tiny village.
I shrugged.
"He doesn't need to be miserable like Christopher is. I feel so bad for him! He really wants to go to college and have a family. Did you see the way he looked at Tara?"
"I know" he sighed. But then he changed the subject. "But you seemed to get along with her! You're not bad with kids!"
"I love kids" I grinned. Unspoiled innocence. "Weird since I'm an only child."
"Ever think of um...having kids one day?" he coughed.
"Bit early" I joked. "But yeah, I've thought about it. Maybe one day, if society stops being such an ass" I said wistfully. "Maybe. You?"
"Yeah" he nodded. "Same. When we're" he violently coughed. "When I'm ready." He shifted his eyes quickly from place to place.
I patted his hand.
"I'll pretend I didn't hear that."
He groaned and threw his back and I laughed.
"You idiot!" I giggled affectionately.
Not as much of an idiot as you.
"Don't I know it?" he moaned. I rested my head on his shoulder and gave him a sideways hugs.
"'re my idiot."
Not for long, they jeered.
You're wrong.

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