Captured by the Dragon Rider

Merida the Scottish princess is to be betrothed to the only son of the clan Dingwall. However, before the wedding her cousin, Astrid, comes to visit with her betrothed Hiccup. Hiccup is the famous Dragon Rider of his people the Vikings of Berk. With only three weeks until the wedding Merida is now unsure of her decision, will she marry Wee Dingwall, or will this handsome Rider capture her heart?


5. Plans

Hiccup watched Merida run back to the castle her fiery red hair disappearing into the darkness. He smiled slightly to himself, this girl wasn't at all what Astrid had described her to be...Astrid. Hiccup's smile faded as he remembered why he'd been with Merida in the first place. He sighed and turned to Toothless. The dragon eyed him as if saying "You know you're dead."

"Oh c'mon." Hiccup muttered. "Let's get to camp." He mounted his dragon and took to the skies The saddle felt different with out Merida in it. He adjusted his foot connecting to Toothless' make-shift wing and headed north of the forest. It was a clear night with the stars blinking and shining Hiccup looked to find constellations like the ones at home, but was pulled away when Toothless dove towards the camp. He landed softly and Hiccup dismounted from the saddle. He was greeted by his friend Heather, a young viking with black hair and sharp grey eyes. She smiled and led Toothless to the other dragons, Heather was who Hiccup would consider a great friend, but she distanced herself when Astrid was in a mood. He knew why, he just wished it didn't have to be that way.

He saw Astrid sitting by the large bonfire in the middle of camp and walked towards her. Astrid was the first girl he loved, but lately they'd been distant. He wanted to make things work but she'd been so focused on this plan they hadn't had time to work on themselves. They'd also be getting married in the winter, and so far no plans we made. And like Merida he too had no way to get out of it unless she released him.  He sat down next to her as she turned to look at him. She had messy blonde hair and her face was covered in war paint. Her eyes were blue, but not kind like Merida's hers were icy and cold.

"Well?" she asked annoyed, "What happened?"\

"I got her to ride Toothless, she seems to trust me-"

"Gah Hiccup! Can't you do anything right? She has to trust me not you!" Astrid huffed.

"We'll get there," I began.

"Time is running out! Either we agree or we start war, do you not understand?!"

Astrid's plan was to get clan DunBroch to give provisions to Berk, as well as share the family fortune. See Berk was doing fine on its own, being and island in the middle of the sea. However, with winter coming there wasn't enough food to grow and feed a village of vast vikings and their dragons. Astrid's family was also struggling, her marriage to Hiccup was to keep them from being the poorest family in Berk. With the riches in the kingdom, the Hofferson family, would be able to pay the dowry for Astrid as well as being the respected family they wanted to be. Like her family Astrid wouldn't settle for less if she knew there was something better.

Her plan came into action when the wedding invitations had somehow come to the shores of Berk. This allowed vikings to tread on the kingdom's land. By laws long before the king's cousins the vikings had started war, so the king decided to forbid the vikings from coming ashore unless by royal invitation. With this in Astrid's hands nothing would stop her from planning her attack. She rounded up all the vikings willing to ride to the kingdom and literally storm the castle. Her plan of attack was to reason with her cousin the princess, and negotiate a trade or some agreement. If not declarations of war was to be sent and we'd kidnap the princess. Brilliant.

"Was it so hard for you to understand this?" Astrid groaned

"I do but-"

"Just, shut it!" she said frustrated.

In an attempt to ease her stress he placed a hand on her shoulder but, she shook it off and got up and stalked away. Hiccup sighed and stared at the fire. He saw his friend Fishlegs come sit by him, nervously staring at his hands. Fishlegs was a loyal chubby viking, and when he walked he waddled, but he was always there when needed and was an expert in dragons, besides Hiccup himself.

"Trouble with Astrid?" he asked innocently.

"You can say that."

"Well, better not let the Twins or Snoutlout find out or-"

"Hey Suck-up!" came a voice full or ignorance and vain.

Hiccup groaned as he saw the brash trio.

"Heard you and Astrid are riding rocky." said Tuffnut the male twin.

"More like avalanches." Ruffnut snickered. The female twin.

"Big words for your little brain." Fishlegs pipped up, then quickly busied himself with his feet.

Hiccup got up as Snoutlout called "If your engagement doesn't work out tell Astrid I'm still available!!"

Hiccup grimaced and strode to where the dragons were kept. He grabbed Toothless' reigns and took off towards the forest.

"Hiccup? Where you going?" he heard Heather call.

"Far away from this madness. This isn't what I signed up for!"

He stormed off into the night, while his friend watched him, sighing.

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