Crumbling Walls (1D not famous)

Mariella thinks she is all alone in her life. She gets bullied every day and abused by her stepfather, all because she's Irish. She had no one until she met him - Niall. Pretty soon she has a whole crew of friends by her side - Jannsen, Jolene, Abby, Perrie, of course Niall, with Louis, Harry, Liam, and Zayn in his band called One Direction. Enjoy the love, drama, and friendship in store. (that sounds cheesy but i promise it's not)


If you saw the movie Brave, it would be easiest to read Mariella's parts in Merida's voice. (i just realized how close their names are.)



2. Playground Bullies


  Mariella's P.O.V.


Niall comes over and helps me repack my things. 

"Hey, do you want to come to the park with me and do homework tonight?" Niall asks, as he puts my science book back into my bag.

"I'd love to, thanks." I answer, leaving to grab my glasses before returning to Niall and my backpack. Niall took the glasses from my hand and gently placed them on the bridge of nose. His touch is more gentle than any thing I've ever felt before, and I miss it when he takes his hands away. I feel myself blushing and quickly look down at my history textbook as I put it away. I pick up my backpack and Niall and I walk to 3rd period, trying to ignore the death stares and racist slurs from every person who sees us together. 


   The rest of the school has dismissed us as humans, so Niall and I are forced to an empty table in the back of the cafeteria. I was about to open my bag of Doritos when Niall tapped my shoulder and says, "Mariella, those girls are back again."

""Thanks for warning her, Miles!" Amy snaps, a little too enthusiastically. 

"It's Ni-"

"Yeah, shut the fuck up. Nobody cares what your name is except this ugly loser here." Kaitlynn says, shoving me aside as she calls me an ugly loser. Stephanie snatches the chips from my hands and starts eating them. Kaitlynn picks up my Arizona tea that was sitting on the table. She opens it, takes a sip, and dumps the remainder onto my head. My walls are crumbling again as the cold liquid drips down my face.

"What is your fucking problem with her?!?" Niall asks, snatching the now empty can from Kaitlynn and crushing it. Dylan runs up behind Niall and pulls him onto the ground and stomps on his chest.

Dylan's mindless dummies, Evan and Matthew, are not too far behind. Kaitlynn and Dylan are the leaders of the two cliques that punish Niall and I for things we cannot control - like being Irish.

Matt picks Niall up by the collar of his shirt and Evan knees him in the groin. Everyone in the room cringes, even us girls. Niall bites his lip to keep from screaming and his whole face turns a deep red. I try to stand up to leave but Amy stops me. I push her out of the way, but Stephanie grabbed the hood of my sweatshirt. "Where do think you're going, hagus breath?" she says as she drags me into a corner. Kaitlynn shoves my face into the coarse, brick wall and Amy forces me onto the ground by my hair. All three girls kick me, slap me, yank my hair, and scream Irish slurs into my ears. A huge chunk of rock collapses from my wall and the tears will not stop coming. This only makes them hit me harder. They walk away when they grow bored of me and leave me alone in the corner. The boys follow, unveiling the awful sight that is us for the whole school to mock and laugh at. Niall walks over to me to help me up. He has a black eye, some bruises here and there, and his face is still red from the blow to the groin. But I can tell from the look on his face that I looked much worse. I lean on him until I've found my stability and the room stops spinning.

I slowly limp to the bathroom as the other kids laugh, giving no pity to the ugly leprechaun. Once inside, I gasp in horror of what I see. A huge gash on my forehead from my impact with the wall is streaking my face with blood. I have a massive black eye, bruises all over my body, and a red hand print from all of the slaps.

I clean up as best as I can before sitting down next to Niall at our table. My phone buzzes in my pocket as soon as I sit down, indicating a new text. I really should've deleted Kaitlynn and Stephanie's numbers from it a long time ago. At the moment she's blowing up my phone with things like, "u ugly fat loser u should go back 2 the trash where u came from! lol!", and, " u stupid fugly slut ur a waste of space & oxygen u should just kill urself its not like any1 would care u whore!". I can almost feel the wall rumbling, about to collapse. I look at Niall, on the verge of tears. He saw the look on my face and pulled me in for a huge hug.

I cried into his shoulder, feeling safe and loved for the first time in years. I go back to my normal defense - mode, when a bottle hits me in the shoulder. A can knocks Niall in the side of the head. We pack our things and run out of the cafeteria, being the only way to not be pelted by garbage.


It felt strange, walking right past my house to go to the park instead of home. Hillridge park was huge, complete with a massive playground and a huge barbecue area. Niall and I climb up into the highest tower in the playground and begin our homework. Somehow, I ended up learning that Niall was in a band called One Direction with 4 other guys - Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne.

"Are you sure they came here?" a familiar, deep voice yelled.Dylan.  All of the color drained from Niall's face. "Yes, babe. I'm sure. How could I mistake those two leprechauns for anyone else? NIALL! MARIELLA! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU LOSERS?!?" answered a more feminine and more familiar voice. Niall and I shared an, oh shit! face, and I managed to pull us down to what I assumed was out of view. "There's Mariella's ugly backpack! They're up in the tower thingy!" Stephanie yelled, pointing in our direction. We sit up, knowing there's no use in hiding anymore, and climb down from the tower with our things. We were confronted by the bullies in their couples - Dylan with Kaitlynn, Evan with Stephanie, and Matt with Amy. Niall and I were just passing the monkey bars when Kaitlynn tackles me from behind and Evan shoves Niall onto the ground. Kaitlynn gave me a sinister look as she pinned me to the ground, mulch sticking into various points on my body.

I shoved her off and started to run, but Stephanie grabbed the hood of my jacket. Amy grabbed my ankle and the two carried me back to Kaitlynn. She threw my glasses to the other side of the playground. She punched me in the face at least 20 times before ramming her knee into my back. I scream swears in pain, but this only made their smiles grow wider. Kaitlynn picks some mulch up off of the ground and forced it into my mouth. (For your sake, I won't even describe what it tasted like.) Stephanie and Kaitlynn switch places and I was dangling in between Amy and Kaitlynn. Kaitlynn and Amy swing me like a jump rope to Stephanie. Every time I got close to her, Stephanie would knee me in the ribs, elbow me in the stomach, or punch me in the face. Every now and then, a yelp of pain comes from Niall on the other side of the playground, reminding me of how unfair this was. Each shout makes me cringe even harder. Each strike is like a sledgehammer swing into my wall - the only thing keeping me on Earth. 

"You ugly, fat, retarded, BITCH-FACE! Why do you even bother showing your face at school every day? It's not like anyone wants to see it, anyway!" Stephanie yells into my ear. Amy and Kaitlynn hurl my limp, numb body to the ground. I almost don't hear Niall yelling something to me.

"Mariella! Don't listen to them! You are amazing, and wonderful, and be-". He is cut off by Evan, who has just punched hard in the stomach. So hard, I can almost feel the pure momentum of the swing and the pain Niall is feeling. Maybe the pain is from Amy stomping on my own stomach with her pumps. I sputter and cough up what I realize is blood. I decide this is where this ends. I stand up and look Kaitlynn in the eyes. "Do you realize how much you sound like a valley girl? You talk like, 'And it was like, totally gnarly, and , like, then she was all like, OMG!'"  I say, twirling my hair and trying not to burst into uncontrollable laughter. "You think you're, like, so cute, don't you?" she says, shoving me into a pole. Amy giggles a bit, knowing I just made a good point. Kaitlynn and Stephanie glare at her, shutting her up. The girls focused their attention back to their prey - me. Stephanie punches me in the jaw and kicks me in the stomach. I fall to the ground as a wrecking ball smashes half of my wall and I give up on "standing my ground". As they hit and kick me, I think about how I will arrive home to meet the same fate - hitting and kicking, also other things I don't even wish to think about. But I do.

Back in Dublin, about a month after Mom died in the car accident, Brad came into my room. If that wasn't strange enough, he locked the door and put a cloth over my mouth. There was some kind of chemical on it, and everything went black. All I can remember after that is waking up, watching Brad leave - naked. I looked at my bare body in horror and realize what he's done.

I suddenly realize the beating has stopped, and I assume I am dead for a moment. I slowly open my eyes and see that Niall and I are the only ones int he park. I try to stand up, but instantly collapse to the ground. Niall slowly stands up and walks over to me. He takes my hand and picks me up off of the ground. As we walk out of the park, I can practically feel a brick on my wall inside. Not being destroyed, being replaced. Niall is the only person in the world who can make me feel this way, and my feelings for him become clear. I want to be more than friends one day. Hopefully soon, because my wall is being destroyed faster than it's being rebuilt. 


OMG! sorry that chapter was soooooo loooooong guys! or it isn't that long, and it only looks like that while I type it. if you're still reading this, CONGRATULATIONS! new chapter coming soon. BYE!

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