Crumbling Walls (1D not famous)

Mariella thinks she is all alone in her life. She gets bullied every day and abused by her stepfather, all because she's Irish. She had no one until she met him - Niall. Pretty soon she has a whole crew of friends by her side - Jannsen, Jolene, Abby, Perrie, of course Niall, with Louis, Harry, Liam, and Zayn in his band called One Direction. Enjoy the love, drama, and friendship in store. (that sounds cheesy but i promise it's not)


If you saw the movie Brave, it would be easiest to read Mariella's parts in Merida's voice. (i just realized how close their names are.)



1. Irish Canvas


   Mariella's P.O.V.


  Hi! My name's Mariella Northington. I'm 16 years old and I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. I just moved to Los Angeles 4 months ago. I have a very thick Irish accent, so most of my words are unintelligible to these American teens. I have long, curly, brown hair, bright green eyes, and a face so freckled  you could probably connect-the-dots on it. I know that for sure because I'm scrubbing  permanent marker off of my cheeks. The scene keeps replaying in my mind as green ink drips into the sink along with my tears. 


   I was walking down a more secluded hallway on my way to AP Bio. I subconsciously speed up as 3 pairs of high heels hit the floor behind me, silencing the sound of my worn, red Converse. The sound grows louder as the girls grow closer. 

   A sudden yank of my braid causes me to fall backwards onto the floor along with my textbook and notebook. Kaitlynn walks in front of me and slaps me across the face, sending my glasses flying through the air. They land on the floor next to a girl who has just walked in. She takes in the situation before her and ran for her. I would do the same if it weren't for Kaitlynn kicking my ribs and Stephanie pinning my head up against the wall so Amy can use my face as her canvas."STOP CRYING!  YOU'RE MESSING ME UP!" she'd yell in my ear every time a tear escaped from the corner of my eye. Kaitlynn stopped kicking me, only to pick up my backpack and dump its contents into the nearest trash can. She picked up my biology textbook, shooed her friends away, and hurled it at my head. It hits me in the stomach but hurts none the less. Kaitlynn, Amy, and Stephanie walked off, leaving me in a crumpled heap on the floor. I picked up my glasses, collected my things from the trash, and ran into the girl's bathroom. My tears had already smudged some of the writing, but I could still make out "ugly", "fat", "Irish dirt", "fumblin' Dublin", and, of course, "leprechaun". I wet some paper towels and scrubbed until the slurs faded away.


"WHAT THE FUCKING HELL DID I DO TO DESERVE ALL OF THIS?!?" I screamed, assuming I was alone. Luckily, I was, so nobody heard my outburst. I try to neaten myself up before finishing my walk to biology.

I got to class on time, only to discover we have a new seating arrangement. I now sit at a table at the back of the room next to a blonde boy named Niall. Stephanie and Kaitlynn sit at the table behind us, and Amy sits at the front with some girl named Faith. During class, a ball of crumpled paper landed on our table from the one behind us. I uncrumple it and it says "ugly leprechaun!" in Stephanie's handwriting. Niall looks at it, then at me, puzzled and a bit shocked.

"Sorry about that. They hate me because I'm Irish- as you can now probably tell. I bet you've got no clue what I'm saying, this fucking accent is so hard for people to understand." I whisper, tucking the note into my backpack. Niall's eyes lit up when he heard 'I'm Irish . . ' 

"I know what you're saying, I'm Irish too. It's kind of frustrating sometimes, that no one knows what I'm saying. It really sucks, especially when you're talking to someone you like -" he hesitates for a moment."that is, if they don't have an Irish accent."

The rest of class is a blur, and all I remember is that Niall and I have all of the same classes after this period. For once, I was happy in school, knowing I could look into Niall's gorgeous, blue eyes for the rest of the day. That is, when Amy, Stephanie, and Kaitlynn aren't in my face. I push that out of my mind and redirect my attention back to my worksheet on genetic mutations. At the end of class, Niall and I exchange phone numbers and left for our Honors Algebra class.

Niall and I decided to walk to all of our classes together, which was a big mistake. In order to tune out people shouting stereotypical slurs and rhetorical questions, I figure out why it's so easy for people to call us leprechauns. 1, we're Irish (duh!), 2, we're not exactly the tallest people at Riverdale High. The other kids seem to have taken those reasons to their advantage. All Niall and I hear is kids yelling things like, "fumblin' Dublin", "4-leaf-clovers", "hagus breath", and, as always, "leprechaun". Kaitlynn and her boyfriend Dylan see us walking and see it as a chance to torture us. Dylan yanks Niall aside and pins him up against a wall and Kaitlynn slams me into my locker to separate us . My head hits the dent engraved into it from my head being shoved into it at lest twice a day since school started. 

"Aww! The Irish loser found another 4-leaf-clover to hang out with. How pathetic is it that the only person in school who will talk to you is the only other leprechaun at Riverdale." Kaitlynn says, twirling her long, blonde hair on her finger before snatching my glasses from my face and chucking them behind her. She then starts punching and kicking me in the stomach. She again slams my head into my locker and forces me to the ground by my shoulders. She picks up my backpack, unzips it, and dumps it out on my cowering body-including 2 hardcover textbooks, sharp pencils, notebooks, plastic folders, and a metal water bottle. This earns a roar of laughter from every person that was there to see it. As she walks away, I feel my walls crumbling. The walls that are keeping me from doing the unthinkable by me but much wished by my classmates. Kaitlynn and Dylan walk to class, parting the crowd of mindless drones that worship them as they pass.

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