A New Beginning (Kidnapped By One Direction Sequel)


6. chapter 6

My dad took my phone away because I have a D in History -.- but my mom is cool so she lets me use it when I go over to her house :D but my stepdad is mean so he was going to tell my dad -.- like Umh bitch much

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But anyway here is chapter 6 (:

Chapter 6

Madison's pov

So many questions were going through my head then. Like,

What if they made it up?

What if they just said that to get us closer or something?

What if they said that so we wouldn't date?

What if they said that so we don't 'fall' for each other?

Why have I just thought of this now?

Why did I bring it up?

Why did I have to ruin our Louis&Madison day with my dumbass question?

If they did make it up would happen?

Ugh so much questions

Too many questions actually

I looked at Louis before chuckling nervously.

"Now that I think about it I don't know why they would make it up so let's just.. Forget I ever said that and let's carry on with Louis&Madison day" I said smiling. He nodded before looking down at me

"Do you uh want to see if the lads want to come?" Louis asked smiling. I smiled and nodded. "Alright I'll go call them" he said before walking off.

-2 hours later-

The lads and Tiffany came and we spent about 2 hours running around playing everything so right now we're taking a drink break.

"So what's new with you guys?" I asked smiling.

"Well I got engaged" Zayn said smiling widely. I smiled

"Aw that's so cute. We're going to be best friends I can see it now" I said chuckling.

"Yeah we'll have to set that up" he said smiling

"So what else is new?" I asked

"I got a girlfriend" Harry said before taking a drink.

"Oooooo what's her name?" I asked

"Rory" he smiled which caused me to smile.

"Aw cute I have to meet her then" I said

"I also got a girlfriend" Liam said and I swear I noticed Tiffany frown before quickly covering it with a smile.

"What's her name?" I asked

"Sophia" he answered grinning. I nodded

"I'll have to meet her" I grinned. "Hey Tiffany can I talk to you real quick?"

"Yeah sure c'mon" she said before we got up and walked to a table across the room. We sat down across from each other. "What's up?"

"Do you like Liam?" I asked just coming out with it.


Hehe I'm mean :p sorry for the short story! okay so here's another story about my crush :p

Okay so I was telling my best friend about the guy I've like for like a year now and my friend Jason was apparently by us and they're both on the basketball team so they're friends with each other and apparently he heard me call Dalton/my crush hot so he kept saying that he's going to tell him and we all have the same lunch hour so he called Dalton over to our table and I took off running to the bathroom (I'm a chicken I know) and so know he knows I like him and ever since he found out he's been staring at me ((:

And I told my other friend Keshawn who's also on the basketball team with him that I like Dalton and he said he heard Dalton talking about me before ((: and he said he'll tell Dalton to stop being a chicken and ask me out and I was saying he'll probably say no but he said he'll probably say yes and then he said when he says yes he'll walk around holding my hand ((:

Okay so yeah that's my lovely story

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Oh and real quick did you guys see that spongebob Christmas episode thing? Like the one when they first find out about Christmas? It's like my favorite episode because they're basically calling Squidward a jack ass HAHAHAHA

Okay bai I love you babe :* <3

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