It's all inside


6. Ch 6

The next morning xiumin woke up early sense peter and Gordon where going out to get food to prepare for dinner tonight.

He walked into Victorias room, she was sitting on her bed listening to music.

He smiled "hello" he said 

"Hi" she said with a smile.

"Would you like to go out back with me?" He asked.

She nodded as he took her hand leading her out the back door.

They sat on a bench and things where quite until Victoria looked up.

"Can I feel what you look like?" She asked shyly.

He smiled as he took her hands and placed them on her face.

She smiled as xiumin took one hand and placed it on his heart.

He begun to feel the pain coming from his heart again as he reached into his pocket for his pills.

Peter's car pulled into the drive way as he rushed over and begun pulling xiumin away from Victoria. 

He fought back but there was no use, peter dragged him away putting him into the back seat of the car.

Victoria felt around the ground as she found the pills xiumin dropped.

She stood up as tears begun to come to her eyes, she remembered that afternoon when xiumin told her that with out the pills he would die. 

Gordon soon rushed over to her.

"Don't cry!" He said taking out his pocket hankie and started to whip her 
Tears away.  

He soon brought her inside as she sat on the couch in front of the fire place eating candy. 

The candy brought back memories of yesterday when she met xiumin. She smiled and begun to think about whether he was okay or not.

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