It's all inside


5. Ch 5

Dinner was very awkward, both xiumin and Victoria sat at a huge table where xiumin sat on one end and Victoria sat on the other end.

He watched her struggle to eat her food, he sighed as he got up and sat into the chair next to hers as he took the fork from her hand.

"Open" he said 

She opened her mouth as he put a bite sized piece of stake into her mouth.

She smiled and so did he, even though they couldn't realize it, they where both building a strong connection with each other.

He put another piece of stake into her mouth as Peter walked in.

"Sir xiumin!" He said 

Xiumin looked up and slowly walked to the other end of the table as he begun to eat his own food.

"Thank you" peter said walking out and heading towards the study.

"I don't think peter likes me that much...." Victoria said 

"It's not that" xiumin begun "it's just, he doesn't like us together" he said 

She nodded and Gordon walked in "time for bed lady Victoria, say good night to master xiumin" 

"Good night" she said as Gordon led her up the stairs leaving xiumin alone 

He took out his pills slipping one into his mouth as he watch Victoria leave.

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