It's all inside


2. Ch 2

Reggie said that the trip would take a wile so through that Victoria fell asleep in the back of the car dreaming about the new place she was going to live in. 

She imagined it being very tall with tons of windows and a porch on top of it. 

Reggie parked the car as he got out oping the car door to Victorias bags, he shook her until she woke up, as they where walking through the path Reggie gave her the bags and hugged her "your own journey begins from here madam"  he said     

She listened to the sound of gravel crouching beneath his shoes as he walked away from her.

 "Hello Victoria, I am sir Gordon, your butler from now on, I understand that you have trouble with your sight so I will be your guide till master xiumin comes back from his violin lessons" Gordon said.

"Who's xiumin?" Victoria asked

"The richest man in all of England, he is about your age and he will be sharing the spot light with you" Gordon said.

She nodded as he took her hand leading her inside, she couldn't really tell what the house looked like but she could smell the sent of lavender in the air.

"May rin the made is cooking you a special meal, sir peter will be waiting for you in the study for your 3:00 piano lesson, so let me help you get to your room to prepare for this event" Gordon said bringing her up the stairs. 

"I really can't thank you enough sir Gordon" she said.

 "There is no need to thank me.." He said as he  passed her a outfit.

"Please do put this on and I will then bring you down to the study" he said before walking out.

Victoria sat down and smiled, this all felt like a fairy tale from the books she used to read, she just couldn't believe that she was the princess 

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