It's all inside


1. Ch 1

Victoria was awoken by the sound of knocking on the door. Victoria was 17, she had brown hair and big blue eyes, to bad she couldn't see with them, she was born legally blind, but she did have anything for it. She was under foster care ever sense she turned one on the 1st of may. 

She got up slowly as she begun to walk, she knew where she was Going sense she   Have been living in this room for a wile now. She walked to the door feeling around for the door knob. When she found it she opened it "hello?" She said.

"Good day miss Veronica, I have splendid news" Reggie said, Reggie was the foster homes butler but he could never seem to remember any ones names.

"For the last time, it's Victoria" she said.

"I do beg your pardon?" He said "anyway, I am taking you out of this place and bringing you to the other side of town where you will live out the rest of your days doing your studies" he said 

"What studies?" Victoria asked.

 "Studying Braille of course, you are blind you'll need something to help you through life" he said.  

She nodded "when are we going?"

"Very soon so let me help you get your things together madam" he said 

Victoria felt around for her suit case and placed it on the bed as she begun to pack various things from her room into it.

 Reggie took her bags and place a coat on to her shoulders "will be off now" he said taking her hand and leading her out to the car. 

She sat in the back quietly sense there was nothing that she could look at, all she wanted was to be able to see the out side world, instead all she seen was blackness for many years. 

She sighed as she could smell the sent of bread in the air, at that moment she knew she was getting close to misses green bakery. 

She smiled as she imagined herself running through a meadow and stoping at the bakery to look at the goods through the window, she could take in the cent of the sweet bread witch was her favourite of many. 

She smiled as they hit a bump in the road and she was back to the boring world.

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