The Loner

Parker Nash is a 13 year old boy. Like other teenagers, he has problems, but on top of all of that...he's just become werewolf. Little does he know, he's one of the few alphas in the area.
When a beta threatens his pack and his sister's life, he will be forced to take the position as leader.


2. You should 'take care' of them


I awoke in shock, panic, and sorrow.

My eyes stayed closed, not wanting to face whatever was before me.

I felt safe and warm...

Which was very unlike what I felt before.

The pain in my side was Gone, my fingers didn't hurt and tingle, and I could feel my leg again.

I'm in heaven, I thought, I have to be...

When I finally opened my eyes, though, I sullenly greeted a blue sky and a flurry of snow.

My smile turned into a confused frown.

Was it all a dream?

I sat up, wincing as my bones and muscles all ached.

I moved to completely get up, but couldn't because of the girl who lay in my lap.

The Same girl that I was sure had somehow saved me from that deranged wolf now was curled up in my lap with only my hoodie on. Her head stayed on my chest, her hands making fists in the sleeves of my hoodie. I noticed how my wounds had disappeared and I could move my leg again.

Looking around, I saw that we were in a new area with hardly as much trees as there had been before. Snow surrounded and slightly covered us as I looked down and at the girl.

I nudged her arm gently, "Hey..." I whispered, "Wake up..."

I nudged her again, this time harder, not speaking. She stirred, growling a bit as I tried waking her.

I sighed, "Come on...wake up..."

She didn't reply, burying her face in my chest. I sat up a bit more, wincing before taking her shoulders and forcing her off. She growled, her eyes a bright hazel as she dug her growing nails into my chest and forced her head back onto my Chest.

"Ah! Ow!" I exclaimed, trying to push her away again.

She sighed heavily, leaning off of my body and releasing me.

The pain faded away, which brought my attention to the holes she'd made in my shirt. With a confused twitch of my eye, I watched as the small claw marks began to mend together.

"How..." I breathed.

The girl smiled at my reaction, giggling the tiniest bit.

"The look on your face...priceless..." She giggled a bit more.

"What...what's going on?" I asked, "Who are you?"

She pulled the ends of the hoodie down to cover her as she sat up a bit more, "I'm Sally." She started simply.

She then frowned, "I don't know how words what's happening to you."

That statement caused panic to flood my mind.

"What do you mean...?" I asked this in a small voice.

"Here. Let me just show you..." She stood, backing away from me before starting to pull the hoodie off of her.

I looked away, feeling my cheeks heat up. I heard a crack and listened as she made a small cry. I listened to her fall, and looked without really thinking about anything else. Her dark brown eyes had brightened and turned into a caramel hazel, her jaw widening as her teeth changed form. Her back arched backward, a louder cry exiting her throat.

My eyes were wide at the sight of what looked like a large parasite run up her stomach and sides. I backed away, not believing my eyes as her ribs moved and crunched together. I covered my mouth with the back of my wrist, disgusted as her shoulders broke backward and she let out a wail of pain.

She snapped her body forward, both her palms on the cold earth as she growled, whimpered, and shook. Her head was bent to the ground as her arms seemed to break and snap back into place. Her face had changed, but I couldn't see it as she shuddered and hunched her back.

Fur began to cover her body as she took her final mold. She laid on the ground then, a sleek-furred wolf in her place. Her eyes opened, her bright colored eyes soft and calm as they landed on me. I was frozen, unable to even breath. She set her paws on the ground, standing tall with her shimmering tail swaying behind her slowly.

I gasped as she walked over to me, still not breathing.

She rolled her eyes, sitting in front of me as I began to freak out.

"How the hell...?!" I started, "What just happened?! That's not physically possible... You're not supposed to be able to do that... How did you do that? I don't want to know! Don't tell me!"

She moved her head forward and I smacked her muzzle, "Don't touch me..." I squeaked.

She huffed through her nose. "I thought you were crazy... I was positive that you were a cannible...but are that's infected me with a disease. That what you're trying to say?"

She blinked and then nodded.

"What?! A disease?! Really?!" I exclaimed.

She just nodded.

"I'm gonna turn into a dog...?" I asked, trying to calm myself.

She nodded mutely.

"A dog..." I shook my head, holding out my arm, "Bite me."

She raised a furry brow, and I nodded, confirming, "Bite me..."

She seemed to shrug, leaning forward and biting down on my arm just below my elbow.

I yelped, and she drew away. I thought that maybe it was a dream... And I would wake up in the hospital or something... I watched as my skin healed and the teeth marks went away.

" God..." I breathed, "This is actually happening..."

She slowly nodded again.

I was too busy panicking to notice that she'd turned back and sat beside me, "It's not that bad..." She reasoned, "You can do more this way, and it hardly even hurts."

I looked at her, "It hurt just watching." I looked away quickly as I saw that she wasn't covered.

She noticed, and grabbed the hoodie, slipping it on before speaking again, "Once you get the hang of it, you'll be fine."

She then smirked, taking my chin and having me look to her. The caramel color swirled within the edges her dark eyes, "You could find who really did this to you... And you could 'take care' of them-the way you've always wanted to." My fear and worry faded away into wonder.

Could I really...? Without any consequence....?

I looked at her, "'Take care' in...?"

She nodded, "Kill..."

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