The Loner

Parker Nash is a 13 year old boy. Like other teenagers, he has problems, but on top of all of that...he's just become werewolf. Little does he know, he's one of the few alphas in the area.
When a beta threatens his pack and his sister's life, he will be forced to take the position as leader.


1. The Thought of Never Being Found



I shed them freely onto the cold, snowy ground beneath me.

I cried, listening as the three around me laughed.

"Such a wimp." I heard a boy say. "Crying like a little baby..."

I felt a sharp pain in my side, which caused me to roll over and clutch it with a shout of pain. My dog, Winston, who was tied up to a tree nearby, began to bark and growl. I heard the second boy cuss him and heard him whine, but knew I couldn't do a thing about it.

"Ron...we should stop... I think he's had enough." A different boy's voice joined the two, sounding concerned.

"Oh, Shut up, Marc... You're so pathetic." Ron snapped.

I felt something whip across my hand that laid on my stomach and cried out again. I opened my eyes to see that Ron's blue gaze loomed over me, his lips a frown. His blonde hair hung in his face as he poked my cheek roughly with a skinny branch. I flinched, raising a hand as he raised it up to hit me. He struck my hip, the pain setting my bone on fire through my jeans. I cried out, shielding my face as the taller boy out of the three came forward and kicked me in my ribs. I let out another cry, and he kicked me again.

"Shut up! You're Making too much noise!" He scolded before kicking me several more times.

I shook, my head buried in the snow covered leaves. He kept kicking me until I felt blood come up my throat into my mouth.

I heard Marc start to object, "Tony, stop! You're seriously hurting him!"

I opened my eyes a little, seeing that Marc had grabbed Tony's arm.

The older boy jerked away, "Shut the fuck up! You don't know nothing... Leave if you ain't gonna do something productive."

Ron scowled, "You two are making too much noise..." He snarled, looking back to me.

Marc glanced at me also, a sorry look in his eyes as he stopped fighting against Tony and stood still, not moving from his place.


I don't remember much after that...the pain, I remembered that...

But I don't recall what all was said.

I had my eyes closed for a long time, my ears popping before I couldn't hear anything.

It was cold after that...and I was still...

My body lay in blood and snow, my hoodie lying a few feet away. Winston was pulling on his restraint, a sadness in his eyes as he tried to get to me. I didn't move, unable to even breath without there being pain. I was able to raise my head a few inches, feeling the cold wind hit my face as I opened my eyes.

I don't know how Long I'd been out but it was long enough for the sun to set. My first thought was of how my father would react; he'd be furious. He'd probably yell at me, ground me, and tell me to stop limping. He always did... I tried to get up, but collapsed with a small yell. Looking down, I saw that my ankle was twisted oddly.

I winced, and looked at Winston, who had his head cocked to the side, "It's broken..." I informed him.

Winston laid down where he stood, and I could hear the faint sound of him whining.

"I'll find a way, Wins. Don't give up on me yet..." I had my arms behind me, shaking as I slowly scooted myself towards a tree close to Winston.

I whimpered as my broken foot drug over a surfaced root. Winston began to bark furiously, but I thought nothing of it as I got my hands on the rope that kept Winston to the tree. He stood, his growl threatening.

When another growl and a foreign bark answered, my eyes widened and my blood ran cold. I looked up, fear making my heart rate spike as I saw that in front of me was two dark pelted wolves. One was a black color, the other a dark brown. I breathed heavily, pressing my back to the tree. Winston growled, standing his ground.

I winced as I got closer to him, "Sh, Wins! Sh!" I tugged on his fur, watching as the brown wolf inched closer.

The black one scowled, grunting a command to the other.

The other hesitated, but came forward to stand in front of Winston. It locked it's green eyes with his light blue ones as I pulled his fur harder.

The black wolf stomped it's paw, looking at the brown one with angered eyes.

I screamed out in fear as the wolf's green eyes flew to me before it lurched forward. Winston moved in it's path, and the wolf's jaws enclosed around his neck. Winston whined, yelping as he tried to wiggle away from the wolf's clutches. I yelled out as blood spurted from Winston's black fur. I tried to scoot back, shaking and crying at the scene. Winston let out a cracking wail, which caused tears to come from my eyes.

The brown wolf shook and shook until Winston became a limp doll in it's mouth and stopped fighting the wild force. I was frozen, unable to process what had just happened. The black wolf seemed to be too, it's hazel glowing eyes wide. The brown pelted wolf then looked up and at me, as if staring into my soul. I saw a smile pass over it's bright green eyes as it licked Winston's blood off it's chops.

I whimpered, trying to crawl backwards to get away. I yelled out in surprise as the black wolf suddenly leaped in front of me. It's tail was towards me, it's back and front legs on either side of me. I was quiet, tears rolling down my cheeks as they stared each other down. I laid back a bit, trying not to sob as I listened to the black wolf above me growl. I heard the other wolf huff a breath and begin to circle the two of us. My breath hitched as the black wolf did the same, staying near me before the brown wolf launched itself at the other. I was frozen as I watched the two brawl, shaking where I lay. The brown wolf clawed at it's companion, catching it's shoulder when the black wolf tried to dodge.

The wolf yowled, snarling with all teeth showing. It jumped atop the other, lunging at it's throat several. The other wolf rolled it off, and watched as it rolled roughly on the ground and into the bottom trunk of a thick-barked tree. I snapped back into reality as the brown wolf turned it's attention to me. I propped up, trying to quickly get away but hurting my ankle more in the process. It came at me with claws extended and sliced through my flesh easily. I cried out, my frost bitten fingers digging into the damp soil. The black wolf suddenly sank it's claws into the others back, forcing it off of me. I spit up blood, laying my hand on my side and feeling the deep wound with a quiet whimper of pain. I felt the hot blood run down my face, my eyes cracked open as the two fought. I didn't watch, my head towards the tree where Winston's body lie.

Several whimpers sounded before I heard the horrible sound of crunching bones. At first, I thought that one wolf was somehow crushing the other, but then I heard the sound of calm footsteps near me.

I coughed, my eyes leading my head to the noise.

Crouched beside me was a dirtied girl with large bloody marks on her right cheek. She was bare, that I could tell. Her closed legs, arms, and knees covered her as she stayed close. Her black hair was a bit tangled, resting just at her shoulders. There was a deep wound on one of her shoulders, which somehow reminded me greatly of the wolf. The girl's dark brown eyes were sad as she brought a hand up and grazed her fingertips over the edge of my deep wound. I watched in silent awe as her wounds slowly began to heal.

I spit out some blood, unable to contain it within my mouth. I couldn't speak, afraid of gagging on my own blood.

She blinked tears away before slowly stuttering, "S-sorry..." I didn't reply, my body shaking as chills overcame me. I moved my hand from my own side, the strength I had gone.

My eyes began to close, and I felt the girl touch my cheek with her other hand, "No... Don't go. Hang on..." She whispered.

I heard rather than felt her lean over me, trying to open my eyes but being unable to. I heard a deep growl along with the snapping of the bones of her jaw. I felt something clasp roughly onto my neck and sputtered out blood. I kicked my only usable leg as my eyes unwillingly widened. I tried to push her away with only one hand. She growled, biting harder and taking my hand with one of her grimy ones.

My vision came in and out of focus. my eyelids grew heavy as she pulled away and licked my wound, as a lioness would her cub. My sight grew blotchy and soon my eyes were closed.

I began to drift away...not knowing where I was going...

The thought of dying threatened my thoughts...and the thought of never being found...

(A/N:::I've been debating on whether to put this up or not... Finally did it, obviously. :3 I hope you enjoy. This story can cause a small tiny bit of confusion, I think... Got any questions? Cause I'll answer 'em. ;] love you, my peeps)

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