The Loner

Parker Nash is a 13 year old boy. Like other teenagers, he has problems, but on top of all of that...he's just become werewolf. Little does he know, he's one of the few alphas in the area.
When a beta threatens his pack and his sister's life, he will be forced to take the position as leader.


4. The Haunting Past


We traveled down a hidden trail that she knew and my eyes fell to her feet, which were bare and dirtied.

She didn't seem like she was cold at all, "How Are you not freezing?" I wondered.

She smirked, "We keep the wolf's heat." She answered swiftly.

"Oh. Okay..."

As we walked, I was able to observe the wilderness. My sight seemed to be sensitive, as well as my sense of smell and hearing.

It amazed me at everything I could see...

I couldn't see it before.

A soft smile came across my lips as I watched a mother bird fly to her nest of chirping young.

"Hey... Are you alright...?" Sally was looking at me with a weirded out look on her face.

"Uh... Yeah. I was just watching a bird feed her-"

"I never would've guessed you'd be so soft..." She smiled, "But it is amazing, isn't it...?"

Her gaze followed mine before I looked at her, "How do you know me?"

She smiled, "I go to the same school as you. A grade higher...." She sighed, "Why do you not smile...?"

I frowned a bit, "I don't have a reason... Not when I'm alone in that school...or near it."

She looked at me with a concerned expression, "Why do they do that to you...?" She whispered.

"I don't know... Cause I'm different. Im a klutz... Maybe that's why..." I then added, "Its always got to do about my mother...they always make one comment about her..." I shook my head, not being able to finish the sentence, "they like to make you weak...and every time I make a wall they find a hammer to break it down... And my accident is a mother...she's a very strong hammer..."

She cleared her throat, beginning to walk again, "C-can I ask you...?"

I followed, my brows furrowed, "What?"

"What happened in that car?" She murmured, hesitating.

"All I remember is that I got in the car and was griping about having to go to the library. I was having to miss soccer practice because of a report... And I kept bugging her... I don't remember anything after that... I remember waking up in the hospital. I didn't even remember my own name or my family's... I didn't even know what state I lived in. I had to learn it all again and when I got back, I was the laughing stock of the whole school. My mother was gone, the friends I had were gone, and I didn't know who anyone was. They said hi to me, but I couldn't say it back... I didn't know them." I sighed, feeling better after letting all the feelings out.

I hardly knew her was the best part about it...

I felt more comfortable that way.

"I'm sorry...that you've had to go through all of that..."

I looked down, shrugging a bit.

She smiled, "Well, now you don't have to worry about that... If you let the wolf handle almost all your problems, you'll be fine." She lightly patted my shoulder before looking up and towards the edge of the wood that we were nearing.

"My house is just beyond those trees." She told me with a grin.

I smirked and nodded, following her further towards the forest's exit.

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