The Loner

Parker Nash is a 13 year old boy. Like other teenagers, he has problems, but on top of all of that...he's just become werewolf. Little does he know, he's one of the few alphas in the area.
When a beta threatens his pack and his sister's life, he will be forced to take the position as leader.


3. "Kill...mangle...murder..."


"Kill..." She continued, "...mangle, murder..." She answered with a small smile.

I blinked, "Murder... I...I don't think I could do that."

She put a hand on my arm, "I'll help you... It'll awaken your wolf."

I raised a brow, "Awaken my...wolf...?"

She nodded, "Yeah.. Your wolf... When I...turned you, you gained the power and intelligence of a wolf. It lives inside you..."

I furrowed my brows, thinking, "I should...kill Tony, Marc, and kick start that...intelligence?"

I guessed. She smiled, "You catch on quick, Nash."

With a sigh, i looked at her, "How will we do it...?"

She 'hm'ed lightly, "However you want to..."

I cleared my throat, thinking a moment, "I've never intentionally hurt someone..."

She rubbed my arm, giving me strange comfort as I stared at the snow on the ground. "Just let the years of anger and unworthy punishment come back to you... Think about everything they've done and let the wolf do the rest."

I let out a large breath, "Everything...?" I whispered, and she nodded briskly.

"Every single thing."

I frowned a bit.

That was a lot of things to think of...

"I don't know if I can.." I told her honestly, "I'm young and what if I get caught?"

She smirked a bit, "Think they'll put a wolf in prison?" She asked sarcastically.

I scoffed lightly at that, smiling only a bit. "I'll do it..." I promised quietly, a little ashamed after speaking.

She grinned, standing suddenly, "Well, come with Me." She commanded with a gesture towards the brush ahead.

I raised a brow, "Where to?"

I stood slowly, hesitant as I began to follow.

"To my home.. You didn't think I lived in the woods all alone, did you?" She smirked, and I just slowly shrugged.

I kind of...did think she lived in the woods...


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