Love Bites (Isaac Lahey Fanfic)

Hope has never felt normal. Yeah she has a normal life in England but she always felt there was something that she wasn't being told. So when Hope moves to Beacon Hills to live with her cousin Ava she doesn't expect anything out of the ordinary. But Ava's group of friends are definitely extraordinary.

Isaac Lahey catches her eye but Ava warns her about his reputation. Ladies man, dark and mysterious but that makes her more and more intrigued. Little does she know what's underneath his cool exterior.

When murders start happening to her classmates in Beacon Hills, along with Ava, Isaac, Scott, Stiles, Derek, the twins and Erin, Hope takes it upon herself to find the murderer.

Full of the supernatural, murderers, dark secrets and romance


3. Party l

Part 3. 
I sat in my last lesson, media, waiting for my teacher to arrive. I look around the room in awe, at the displays above the computer I'm sat at. 
"Hey British," someone whispers in my ear. Isaac slides into the seat next to me, too close for my liking. His eyes sparkled at me, flicking from my eyes to my lips. 
'Stay away from him Hope, he's trouble. He has a bad reputation.' 
'I though you were his friend?'
'I just don't want you to get hurt.' Mine and Ava's conversation keep sounding in my head. He seems like a bit of a jerk but nothing too harmful. 
"My names Hope," I huff turning to face the front. 
"I like British better," he smirks. I ignore him and concentrate on looking around the class. 
"Did you mean what you said about Ava's hot friends?" He asks laughing. 
"Yes," I tell him. 
"You think I'm hot?" He asks me. 
"I was talking about Scott," I smile slyly at him. 
"Hurtful!" He says, feigning pain, but his eyes flash an emotion, changing again before I can see what it was. I roll my eyes at him and look away, tired of him already. 
Luckily our teacher walks in and introduces himself as Mr Martin. He looks young for a teacher but he's just as enthusiastic as anyone else. 
"So firstly we are going to do an introduction project to get you into creative thinking. In groups," he adds at the end. Oh no. 
He goes round the class pairing the people up who were sat next to each other. I look at Isaac in panic, wondering if I could switch seats quickly. 
"You two," Mr Martin stands in front of us. 
"Can we not swap? She doesn't like me," Isaac says and I open my mouth to protest but then close it again. It's true. 
"Now I know you don't want to, you're staying together. No switching," he waves his finger at us. 
"Great," Isaac sighs next to me. 
"For your project you have to present your partner. Whether its by photography or film making, you need to show us who your partner really is. The deadline is two weeks from now," he tells us. That's great, it means that I have to spend even more time with Isaac. I just hope he isn't a jerk to me. 
"See you tonight," Isaac winks at me before bolting out of the classroom as the last bell of the day rings. Crap, I'd forgotten about his party. 
"I have to lend this dress!" Ava shouts picking a red lace dress out of my wardrobe. Apparently it was a smart/casual dress code so for me it was a dress and converse. I'd chosen a denim backless dress with my white shoes whilst I let Ava lend my red dress which she wore with ankle boots. 
I'd curled my hair so it was tamely curling down my back. I'd also applied a subtle smokey eye and red lipstick. 
"Come on, we'll be late," she pulls me downstairs. She tells her parents who just wave her off, she must do this often. 
We walk about five minutes into the forest behind her house until we reach another huge house. All the lights are on inside and I can hear the loud booming music from where I am. 
"Hey glad you could make it!" Scott hugs me when we've pushed through the people to get to the kitchen. His warm hand stays on my hip as he gives me a drink. 
"Do you all live here?" I ask him over the music. 
"Yeah, me, Isaac, Erin, the twins and Derek," he smiles at me. 
"Derek?" I hadn't met him yet. 
"I'm Derek," a man turns to me. His piercing green eyes stood out with his dark hair. He smiled at me and my heart melted a little bit. Of course he was beautiful. 
"Hi, I'm Hope," I stuttered. He takes my hand and envelopes me into a tight hug. 
"You look just like Ava," he smiles as little hands wrap round his waist. 
"You didn't tell me she looked so much like you," Derek smiles at Ava before kisses her lightly. I must be standing there with my mouth open because Scott nudges me. I avert my eyes and mentally tell myself to get all the details later. 
I lift my cup to my lips and taste the tangy alcohol. I'd drunk when I was at home but wasn't too keen on it so I didn't do it often. I didn't want to seem weird here so I finished the cup and asked for another. 
"How about we play a game," Ethan smirks.

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