Love Bites (Isaac Lahey Fanfic)

Hope has never felt normal. Yeah she has a normal life in England but she always felt there was something that she wasn't being told. So when Hope moves to Beacon Hills to live with her cousin Ava she doesn't expect anything out of the ordinary. But Ava's group of friends are definitely extraordinary.

Isaac Lahey catches her eye but Ava warns her about his reputation. Ladies man, dark and mysterious but that makes her more and more intrigued. Little does she know what's underneath his cool exterior.

When murders start happening to her classmates in Beacon Hills, along with Ava, Isaac, Scott, Stiles, Derek, the twins and Erin, Hope takes it upon herself to find the murderer.

Full of the supernatural, murderers, dark secrets and romance


1. Beacon Hills

Part 1. 
I pulled my huge suitcase off the conveyor belt and tried to find my way out of the airport. American accents surrounded me, and being British, it was weird being in a foreign country. 
My mother wanted me to spend some time with my relatives in Beacon Hills but I think secretly we were running out of money to look after my whole family. I didn't want to push her or make us poor by staying so I agreed to live with my cousin Ava and my Aunt and Uncle in Beacon Hills. I decided I would get a job and whatever money I make, I would send home. 
I haven't seen Ava since I was little but it was that long ago that I can't remember her. Pictures of us fill scrapbooks, pictures of two girls that look alike. The same dark hair and cute smiles. I started chatting to Ava over Facebook and things when I found out I was moving over and found out we actually had a whole lot in common. Hopefully we get on well. 
I came up to the door separating me with the rest of America. I took a deep breath in and pushed it open, looking into the sea of faces waiting for their loved ones. I looked round frantically for Ava but I couldn't see her. I carried on moving through the crowd and finally saw curly brown hair. I crept up and went to tap her on the shoulder but she turned round before I reached her. 
"Hey!" She shouts enveloping me in a hug. 
"How did you know?" I pout. 
"I'm psychic," she laughs but it sends a chill down my back. 
"How was your flight?" She asks as we walk to her car. I put my suitcase in the boot and slip into the passenger seat. 
"Exhausting. I'm knackered," I smile at her. 
"You'd better get some sleep then. It's school tomorrow don't forget," she laughs. I groan and watch the world go past outside. Beacon Hills wasn't what I expected. I expected dull woods and grey skies but surprisingly for September the air was crisp and the sun was shining. 
It was only a short drive until Ava pulled up outside a huge house, in the middle of a forest. I step out and look around wondering why they live in a forest. As if reading my mind Ava answers my question. 
"We like it out here, it's quiet and all my friends live pretty close," she smiles grabbing my suitcase. So all her friends live in the woods too? 
We make our way inside the house where I'm greeted by my Aunt and Uncle. 
"Wow! Haven't you grown!" My Aunt Carol embraces me into a tight hug. I wrap my arms around her awkwardly waiting for her to let go. "You and Ava look so much alike!" She exclaims, her golden bob shaking slightly. I smile at her and decide she's nice enough to live with. 
"How was your flight Hope?" My uncle Ian asks. 
"Good, just tired I guess," I smile back at him. 
"Well you and Ava have to share a room I'm afraid but you'll have loads of space because its in the attic," Carol tells me. 
"That's fine," I smile, not wanting to tell her that its better than sleeping on the couch at home. 
"You'd better get settled and have some dinner and then you can rest for your first day tomorrow," she grins. 
I pull my suitcase up the two flights of stairs to the attic and open the latch. In the room there's two single beds at either ends of the room, and identical wardrobes and cupboards. Carol was right though, this place was huge. A fluffy rug covers the middle of the wooden floor and there's fairy lights hung from the tall ceiling. 
"Wow, it's impressive," I tell Ava. 
"Glad you like it. I decorated it," she tells me chuffed with herself. 
"I'll help you unpack."
After we've unpacked my clothes and shoes, and Ava telling me how she's going to steal lots of my things we have a nice home cooked dinner. I can't remember the last time I had a cooked tea. 
I then have a shower, letting the warm water soothe my aching muscles and wash my hair, ready for my first day tomorrow. I got a nervous feeling in my belly at the thought of starting a new school, even with Ava with me. 
I slip straight into bed, whilst Ava's lying on her bed reading and eventually I fall asleep to the sound of the wind outside.


(A/N) So this is my first Teen Wolf fanfic! I hope you all like it!

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