Wrecking Ball

Payton Smith is a 17 year old girl with only a mom. She starts her first day in a new town hoping things will get better. Lucky for her, she gets some new friends. But secrets are kept and Payton tries to figure them out. Mistake. Knowing these secrets only break her and drag her into something she doesn't want. Tears are shed, secrets are kept, and Payton has to go through it all.


4. Chapter 4

When I got home I just sat on my bed and thought about Niall. I didn't even hear the knock at my door. When they walked in I turned and saw Lucy. I stopped daydreaming and hugged her. "I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" I yelled. "I MISSED YOU TOO!" She yells back. "And guess who else I invited. Maddie," she adds. Me, Maddie, and Lucy were best friends before I moved her and started being with Niall. 

"So tell me, who's the guy?" I look over at Lucy and Maddie who are sitting on my bed watching me text. "Nobody," I lie. The smirk at me. "His names Niall," I give in. "Invite him over!" They yell at the same time. "Okay, okay," I say. I begin to text him. 'Wanna come over?' Almost instantly I get a response. 'Hell yea! Be over in 5' I smile. "The deed is done," I say. Maddie and Lucy start laughing.

"PAYTON! THERE IS SOME GUY AT THE DOOR!" Luke screams from downstairs. I jump up and run down the stairs followed closely by Lucy and Maddie. When Niall sees me, he runs in and hugs me. "Hey," he says. "Hi," I reply. "This is Lucy as Maddie," I reply. "Hey. Nice to meet you," he says. "Nice to meet you too hot stuff," Maddie says fanning her face with her hands. Niall laughs. 

We all go upstairs and I can feel them staring at Niall. Me and Niall sat on the floor an Lucy and Maddie took the bed. "Gonna go get drinks for us," Lucy and Maddie say. They go downstairs and Niall turns towards me. "Well they like me," he says laughing. I laugh too. "Haha. Yea. They do," I say. 

The girls took a really long time so Niall and I talked about Harry. "So you know he likes you right?" He asks. "What? No he doesn't," I argue. Niall just says "he does." 

When the girls come back in, Lucy sits next to Niall and asks, "You got any good looking friends, Gorgeous?" Niall starts laughing hysterically. "Actually yes, 4 of them actually," he says. Lucy gets up and says "tell them to call me."

the movie ends and the girls go home. "I guess I'll get going to," Niall says. "Or we could get dinner," I suggest. He nods and smiles. I grab my coat and we head to his car. We drive to a not very fancy restaurant 15 minutes away from my house. 

We order out food and when the waitress comes back with our food, she flirts with Niall so Niall grabs my hands in his. "Don't like the flirts?" I ask. "Not unless they're from you babe," he says. I feel my cheeks heat up and I know I am blushing. 

We finish eating so we decide to go for a walk. We walk to a lake and sit down on the beach. He's still holding my hand. "Payton?," he asks. I turn to face him. The he leans in slowly and kisses me passionately. 

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