Wrecking Ball

Payton Smith is a 17 year old girl with only a mom. She starts her first day in a new town hoping things will get better. Lucky for her, she gets some new friends. But secrets are kept and Payton tries to figure them out. Mistake. Knowing these secrets only break her and drag her into something she doesn't want. Tears are shed, secrets are kept, and Payton has to go through it all.


1. Chapter 1

No! Dad! Come back! I bolt upright and realize I'm sweating. My mom rushes through the door. "Payton! Are you alright?" She asks. "Um yea. It just seems- it seems so real," I barely make out. "I know. I have the same dream every night. It'll be alright though. Alright Payton?" I nod. "Okay. Go back to bed then. I'll see you in the morning. " She tells me. I lay my head back down on the pillow and stare up at the ceiling. The door closes and I'm all alone. Again. 

Waking up is the hardest thing to do, especially today. My first day in a new town. It's gonna be a repeat of the last town I lived in. Bullies and not fitting in. 

I open my door and look around at all the boxes that block Tyler's old room. They block my mom's room too. She hasn't slept in there since dad went missing. 

"Payton, are you hungry?" My mom asks holding a plate with pancakes stacked up and topped with butter, whipped cream, and strawberries. I take the plate and sit at the island. 

"Thanks for breakfast," I say and give a slight smile. She nods and says "go pack sweetie." 

I make my way upstairs and walk through the maze of boxes that are everywhere. Finally reaching my room, I open the door and put everything in boxes. Everything but my phone. I put it in my pocket and move the boxes into the hallway. I look around the room. I check the closets. Not really sure of what I'm searching for. And in about an hour will never know. I scan the room again and see a piece of paper sticking out from under the bed frame. I bend over to pick it up. I turn it over and find a picture. Me, Tyler, my dad, my mom, and Jessie. Jessie is my dog. We've had her since Tyler was born. So 5 years. 


The car ride was too fast. It's one of those times where you will do anything not to go somewhere. Well my first day of school is one of those times. 

I enter the school and immediately. All eyes are on me. I just stare at my shoes and walk down the hall to the main office. 

"So Ms. Smith, you just moved here, am I correct?" The secretary asks me. I nod. "May I see your schedule?" She asks. I hand her the paper with all my classes listed on it. She takes it and makes a call on the office phone. 

"Payton, I've just called your first block teacher and she is going to send a student down to show you around the school." She says. "Okay." I say. "You can sit on one of those chairs while you wait." I look to where she is pointing and go to sit down. 

About 5 minutes later a boy with blond hair walks in the office and begins talking to the secretary. "Payton, this is the boy who is showing you around." She says. I stand up and we walk out of the office. 

"Im Niall by the way." He says. "Payton." I say. "Cool. So you just moved here?" He asks. "Yeah. Your the first person I met too." I say. He starts laughing. 

Our conversation is interrupted by an announcement. "Please excuse the interruption but can I have Harry Styles and Zayn Malik to the main office. Thank you." A voice says. Niall laughs to himself. "What?" I ask. "Their my friends." He says. "Who Harry and Zach?" I ask. "It's Zayn and yeah." He says still laughing. "Oh." 

"I can't believe they really did it." He says to himself. I'm really confused. Did what?

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