You Might Think You Know Me, But You're Wrong

I'm Skylar, you can call me Sky. My parents died in battle, im not aloud to say how. let's just say they died on '' Unknown Sircumstances''. I live with my brother Sam and my Best Friend Abby. When My parents died, they left me nothing, and I had no one to stay with. So Abby let me, and Sam stay at her mansion with her and her parents. We are all going to a supernatural boarding school at Illinois for werewolves and other magical creatures. But there is one thing we ALL have to worry about, The vampires. There is more important stuff going on like how i'm the chosen one along with Sam and Abby. We have to fight save the world. But their is one thing me, sam and abby all have in common, we have powers. Sam controls the sky, Abby controls water and i control Nature. I know I don't get the Sky powers and my name is sky, Unfortunte right.


6. Chapter 5: First Day Of School

We got our schedules in the morning the next day. We had all the same classes. I was very excited because we had a physical deffence class. Me, Abby, and Sam are all the best werewolf human-form fighters in all of the world. We started to walk towards the school building when I saw these poor rose bushes all dying and alone, I walked up to it and it talked to me, yeah nature speaks to me, its not weird, ok maybe a little. Than they became all healthy again. '' Wow you should join the gardening club'' I turn around me and see the 5 boys from the plane ride staring. '' Are you freaking kidding me!'' I said. Than Sam tells me '' Sis, their Vampires. I know this is going to be hard, just don't kill them.'' As soon as I heard the word vampires, I started to growl and without noticing I grew a apple tree behind me. '' Wow! this is the coolest thing I have ever seen!'' The older-looking one said. '' We are going to be late, just don't rip their heads off.'' Abby said. '' Why would you rip our heads off?'' said the one with curly hair. '' Cause, you freaking bastered, your kind killed our parents and guess what, I really don't like people who kill werewolves for pleasure." I said and with that we were off, I grabbed a apple and made the tree shrink to a baby and put a nature spell on it so that it would live forever. I walked into class, forgetting that I had my guitar case in hand. '' Oh my god! are you Skylar and Sam Long! I was good friends with your parents, how are they!" said the teacher Mrs.Greenwill. " They passed away like 14 years ago." Sam answered. " Oh I am so sorry." she answered. I walked up to her, and asked if she can keep my guitar behind her desk until lunch. She nodded and pointed behind her desk. I put it  there and she clapped her hands and introduced herself and well class begun. They day went by fast, soon came lunch and I grabbed my guitar. I don't really eat lunch at schools, me Abby and Sam allways eat fruit that I grow in like a split second and Abby provides the refreshments. They always like the way I play music.I always them my new songs and they help me with the lyrics if I am stumped. Soon it was time for class to start and we raced back to class.

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