It's a BillionDollar Thang

This story is mainly about a women named Abbie Kit. She works in a law firm and enjoys it but, one day the bosses son comes for a visit and she wasn't expecting him to be rude with his face more handsome than the next guy. She has to handle his bullshit because he is the next boss but, she won't handle it much longer.


1. CHAPTER 1- Inside Prank

As I walked into my work building, I waited for Stella to come yelling at me. While I walked down the hall everyone was giving me high fives or smiling at me. I walked down to my office and sat at my chair. I took out my case and I started to type the profile I made. My door opened loudly and I looked up to see an angry Stella. She scrunched up her noise like she was smelling something bad.

"You bitch" she said storming over to my desk. She slammed her hands on my desk.

"why am I the female dog" I acted surprised at what she said.

"Because you ruined my office." She said getting close to me.

"I have no idea what your talking about." I said looking directly into her eyes. 

"Either you own up to what you did or i will get you fired."

"Firstly, I have no idea what happened to your office and secondly, even if you did make that false statement he wouldn't fire me because I'm the best in this building." I said leaning closer. We had a staring contest until she screamed in my face and tuned around and stormed out.

"I won" I yelled to her. She yelled again and I laughed. I looked back at my computer and continued typing. A few minutes later my iPhone rang. I grabbed it and read the screen. I answered it and my bosses voice came out friendly but, demanding.

"Ms.Kit May you come to my office." He asked.

"Sure but, that stuff that's in Finkle's office I didn't do it." I said defending myself.

"Ms.Kit what are you referring to" he asked having no idea what I was talking about.

"O nothing, I'll be there in a minute." I told him and hung up. I walked out and made my way to the elevator. After I got off the elevator I walked down to his office. When I walked threw the first door his secretary directed me to go in. I opened the door slowly and poked my head in.

"knock, knock" I said walking in. He looked up and gave me a inventing smile. I walked to his chair and sat down.

"ok let's get straight to business." -he told me looking away from his computer.- "I want to know what you did to Ms. Finkle's office." He said folding his hands on the desk. 

"Huh.... I have no idea of what your talking about." I said confused.

"Ms.Kit" he said sternly.

"Mr.boss" I said in his same tone. He looked at me agitated and forceful.

"ok I may have, spray painted whore on her door then painted her face with a males anatomy coming towards her mouth." I said cautiously and waiting for his reaction. He shook his head and smiled a little.

"One of the reason I hired you was because of your outgoing personality, I should have know that would have come with a price." He laughed. I was relieved and surprised at how calm he was.

"So your not punishing me" I asked just to be clear.

"your not punished but, next time you do something outrageous like that there will be consequences" he told me and I nodded.

"so, the original reason I called you up here was because my son is coming here to check out the business and I want you to show him around." He said to me.

"When is he coming" 

"tomorrow at 2:00 p.m."

"Okey dokey" I said to him. He stood up and walked around the desk. I stood up and walked out with him.

"I'll be back in 30 mins Cheryl. Who ever calls for me, right down there names and give it back to me when I get back ok." She nodded and we walked out. I got on the elevator with him and I got off on my floor. I walked back to my office and continued working. After I was finished profiling I packed up. In the middle of packing Silver, my best friend, walked in.

I put my laptop in my briefcase and she sat there with her briefcase on the floor.

"Anything interesting happen to you today" she asked.

"No not really, I just got called into the bosses office because I wrote whore on Hagatha's door and a mans private part coming towards her mouth. Then Mr. Gallo told me his son would be coming here to get a tour of the building." I said zipping up my case. Suddenly, Silver jumps out of her seat.

"Wait what did you just say" say said looking at me seriously.

"Mr.Gallo's son is coming here" I said looking at her.

"Ethan is coming" she said squealing.

 "If that's his name, yea." -I said walking out with her behind me- "why does it matter." I said locking the door.

"did you seriously just say that" she said walking with me.

"yep, he's just a guy who lives off his dad's millions" I said walking into the elevator.

"you really don't know who he is, do you?" She asked shocked.


"You have defiantly lived in a box." She said shaking her head.

"Ethen is a billionaire, he doesn't need his dad's money because he has his own" I could guess my eyes were as big as a nickel.

"yep, he started his own business at the age of 19 and the business was about oil. When they stared digging for oil they earned it two years later." She said as we got off the elevator and walked to my infinity.

"how do you know all of this" I asked her after we got into the car.

"I googled him" she smiled. I laughed at her and I started up the car. We drove off and talked about how her day was. Soon as we got to the apartment I changed into my shorts and spaghetti strap shirt. I grabbed my Surface 2 and walked to the living room with it. Silver sat next to me on the couch in a  pretty blue Penguin Water Ballet bamboo/cotton classic flannel pajama set. I searched 'Ethan Gallo' and a handsome guy popped up in a suit. The description of him was left of his picture and it read:

​'An entrepreneur who started his business at the age of 19 in 2008. He was just like any other guy before his business, which is the oil business. He struck gold or oil as I should say and gained millions of dollars selling it to the United states but, then the millions started to turn to billions after he struck oil once again. If I say so myself he is a pretty lucky son of a b' I stopped reading and looked at Silver.

"You see, I wasn't lying" she said throwing her feet on the couch and turning her whole body towards me.

"Wow, I'm honestly surprised" I said putting the tablet on the table.

"You guys would be a cute couple" she said nudging my shoulder.

"Were not in middle school crazy" I laughed and she laughed with me.

"I know but, you would make a cute couple" I shook my head and I turned on the television. We watched Scandal until we feel asleep.

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