Sydney Hill Year 1

Sydney Hill has moved from the US to Britain and is still adjusting to her new life. One morning she gets a letter from Hogwarts and it changes her life forever. She heads to Hogwarts and makes some friends and some enemies.

Sorry for any spelling/grammar/formatting mistakes.


5. The Sorting

When Sydney, Annie, Jonathan, and Albus got off of the train, they heard a loud voice yelling. 

"First years!! This way, please! First years this way!"  yelled a large man. Sydney had to crane her neck up to see his face. He was twice as tall as a normal man and three times as wide. Albus grinned at him and waved. 

"That's Hagrid, he's the gamekeeper at Hogwarts and is one of my dad's old friends," Albus explained. The first years followed Hagrid down a steep and narrow path. Sydney almost fell on her face a few times. After a few minutes of walking, they came to the lake where many boats were bobbing in the water. 

"Four to a boat!" Hagrid called and the four of them quickly grabbed a boat together. When everyone had gotten in a boat they started sailing towards the castle. Sydney, Annie, and Jonathan all gasped at the sight of the castle. All of the windows were glowing cheerfully with soft yellow light. The turrets soared into the sky and the moon hung just behind them. The boats reached the castle and Hagrid led them up a rocky path and into a small chamber where he turned them over to a young man. 

"My name is Professor Longbottom. Before you can go in and eat, you must be sorted into your houses. Your house is like your family. Any rule breaking will lose you points and good behavior will earn your house points. They are ready for you. " Professor Longbottom led them into the Great Hall and everybody stared at the ceiling. It was a perfect representation of the sky outside. The stars shone brightly and clouds scuttled across the sky occasionally. Candles floated along four long tables, which they walked past, to get to a fifth table, where the  professors were sitting. 

An old, frayed, patched hat sat on a three legged stool. A rip near the brim opened up and the hat started to sing. 

I am the Sorting Hat

as you can clearly see

Put me on and don't be afraid

I'll put you where you belong,

for I'm a thinking cap 

You might be home in Gryffindor 

where the brave dwell at heart

They're known for their daring, brave, and chivalry

You could also be in Hufflepuff

where the loyal make their home

These loyal friends are hardworking and unafraid of toil

If you have a sharp mind Ravenclaw is the house for you

The sharp witted will find their place here 

for Ravenclaw valued brains over brawn

The cunning go in Sytherin

the home of the ambitious

the clever and sly will make good friends here

So try me on and don't be in a twist

I'll put you where you fit best


When the Sorting hat finished, everyone clapped and Professor Longbottom unrolled a piece of parchment. 

"Burt,Annie" Annie ran up to the stool and put the hat on. The hat took a moment before placing her in Gryffindor. 





Sydney felt her stomach twist up in knot of nervousness. She was anxious and barely heard Professor Longbottom call her name. She slowly walked up and Professor Longbottom slipped the hat onto her head. It slipped down over her eyes and she nearly screamed when she heard the hat's voice whisper in her ear.

"Hmm. Very interesting." Sydney held her breath. "Very loyal to your friends and family, but Hufflepuff is not a good fit. Sly and cunning, like Slytherin, but it is not in your heart to be a Slytherin. Heart of a Gryffindor, but the mind of a Ravenclaw. It better be... RAVENCLAW!"

Sydney smiled in relief and the Ravenclaw table cheered loudly. She took the hat off and went to sit down. Ravenclaws congratulated her and introduced themselves, and pretty soon the names all ran together in her head. A few more names were called. Two went to Slytherin, three to Hufflepuff, one to Gryffindor, and two to Ravenclaw. Pretty soon, it was Jonathan's turn.

"RAVENCLAW," called the Sorting Hat. Jonathan ran down and sat next to Sydney. She smiled and watched as Albus was sorted into Gryffindor with Annie. A boy with pale blonde hair sat on the stool for five minutes before being sorted into Hufflepuff. The entire hall gasped and whispered. Apparently, it was the first time somebody in the Malfoy family had been sorted into something other than Slytherin. The rest of the Sorting went by in a blur and two girls and one boy joined Ravenclaw. The hall shushed as Professor McGonagall stood up to give a speech.

"Welcome, new students and welcome back returning ones. I have a few start of term notices. Students should be reminded that the Forbidden Forest is off limits," she seemed to direct this to a turquoise haired boy, who elbowed the people around him and grinned. "Mr. Filch has asked me to remind you that no magic is allowed in the corridors. He also has a list of forbidden items posted on the door of his office, which I believe consists of 600 something items. That is all. Now tuck in!"

Immediately, food appeared on the gold platters on every table. Sydney loaded up her plate and dug into a piece of perfectly cooked turkey. Chatter filled the air and everybody looked cheerful and upbeat. Jonathan looked at Sydney eating her food as if it was her last meal.

"Do your parents starve you, or something?" he asked jokingly. Sydney punched him lightly in the arm and smiled.

"Shut up," she said and rolled her eyes. He just laughed and dug into his meal. Sydney looked over at Annie and saw her chatting with Albus and a redheaded girl. After everyone was stuffed, the plates cleared and dessert appeared. Sydney grabbed a small piece of pumpkin pie and nibbled on it. Everyone else seemed as if their stomach had been cleared of all their contents, so they could just shovel more in. She noticed Jonathan was doing the same as her, and just nibbling and listening to the conversations around her.

Pretty soon, the plates were cleared once again and the prefects stood up, and led the first years to their common rooms. Melanie Hawy, the female Ravenclaw prefect, led them up sets of stairs and down long corridors until they reached a blue door with a Ravenclaw door knocker on it. The door knocker then asked a question and Melanie answered it after thinking for a minute.

"Don't worry. The knocker will ask you easy questions at first, but remember to triple check your bag before you walk out. It is common to find a group of students huddled outside, trying to figure out the answer," she chuckled. "Girls dormitories are down those stairs over there and boys up those stairs over there," she pointed to two sets of stairs on opposite sides of the common room.

Sydney and Jonathan said goodnight to each other and she headed downstairs with the rest of her dorm mates. When she entered the room, there was four bunk beds, each with a desk underneath instead of a bed. Their trunks were already sitting at the foot of each bed. Sydney grabbed her pajamas and changed quickly. A girl named Savannah Loosa offered her a chocolate frog and she accepted.

Savannah was small and petite. She had blonde hair and green eyes and was very upbeat. Sydney took a liking to her immediately. Cassie Longbottom was the daughter of Professor Longbottom. She was of medium height with black hair and dark brown eyes. Cassie was very quiet, but alert too. She looked as if she might be the kind who was shy. Bethany Ribeet was tall, with auburn hair and brown eyes filled with knowledge. Apparently, she was very into books like Sydney. They soon launched into an argument about the best authors, but then Sydney fell asleep because she was so tired and stuffed with food. 




I'm quite pleased with this chapter. Sorry it took so long to get up. I would have done it on my phone, but my phone is retarded. Hope y'all like this chapter. I put quite a lot of work into it even though I got lazy at some parts. :)



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