Sydney Hill Year 1

Sydney Hill has moved from the US to Britain and is still adjusting to her new life. One morning she gets a letter from Hogwarts and it changes her life forever. She heads to Hogwarts and makes some friends and some enemies.

Sorry for any spelling/grammar/formatting mistakes.


4. Platform 9 3/4

It was the night before September 1st and Sydney could hardly sleep, she was so excited. She read into the late hours of the night until she finally fell asleep, with a book on her chest.

She woke up at 8:00 and showered. She picked out a casual outfit even though her mom wanted her to wear a dress, which Sydney immediately said no to. She brushed her thick dirty blonde hair into a pony tail and brushed her teeth. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. Her blue eyes popped with her turquoise shirt. 

She thundered down the stairs right at 9:00 and sat down to eat breakfast. Her dad smiled at her and her brother was arguing with her mom. 

"But Mom! Why can't I go??" He pouted. 

"Because you aren't old enough and you didn't get a letter " she said matter-of-factly. "Now sit down and eat breakfast." 

Sydney gave a smile to Lawson who was still pouting and he brightened up. Her mom set down a plate of pancakes in front of her, already with butter and syrup. She quickly dug in and wolfed down the two pancakes. She drank a glass of orange juice then shot back up stairs to gather her things. Sydney grabbed Rowena's cage and set it on top of he trunk. She grabbed the book she was reading, Hogwarts, A History: Latest Edition.  She was at the part where Voldemort had taken control of the wizarding world the first time and had killed James and Lilly Potter. 

Her mom called to her to hurry up and she grabbed one end of the trunk and started to haul it down the stairs. She finally got it down and set it by the front door. She headed back up and    grabbed Rowena's cage and her book bag. Rowena still hadn't returned from hunting and  Sydney was starting to panic a little bit.    

Just as they were about to walk out the front door, Rowena swooped down and landed on Sydney's shoulder. Sydney opened the cage and Rowena hopped in. She carefully set the cage in the backseat of their car and Rowena hooted. Lawson scrambled into the car and gave Rowena a strange look. Then they headed off towards Kings Cross Station. 

They arrived at the train station at 10:30. Sydney looked around for Platform 9 3/4 but didn't see it. She went to Platforms 9 and 10, but there was no such thing as Platform 9 and 3/4. Then she saw a family of five. They had three children, two boys with messy black hair, one looked about 13 and the other was about 11. The youngest had flaming red hair and was begging with her mom to go to Hogwarts. All of a sudden they disappeared through the barrier between  Platforms 9 and 10. Sydney stood puzzled for a minute, then figured that she had to go through. She lined her trolley up and walked quickly through the barrier.

She thought she would just crash, but she didn't and she ended up on Platform 9 3/4. The Hogwarts Express was gleaming red and hissing. There were tons of kids saying goodbye to parents. Owls, cats, and toads were making a commotion. Sydney spotted the family of five standing with others, some who had flaming red hair like the little girl and her mom. She spotted Annie and Jonathan saying goodbye to their parents and she waved at them. They spotted her and waved back. 

She hauled her trunk onto the train and into an empty compartment. She got off and stood with her parents.

"Be good, okay. Don't cause any trouble and study hard. " Her mom said smiling. 

"No talking to boys, got it?" Her dad joked. Sydney smiled and nodded and hugged her parents. 

Lawson stuck out his tongue and Sydney laughed and pulled him into a play choke hold and gave him a knuckle sandwich on the head. He pulled away and Sydney grabbed him into a big hug and lifted him up. 

The train gave a whistle and Sydney hugged everyone and said goodbye. She boarded the train and went into her compartment. She found her parents in the crowd and waved. They waved back and as the train started moving, Lawson ran alongside it, waving to her. She laughed and blew him a kiss. The train turned around the corner and they were lost to sight. Sydney sat back in her seat and grabbed a book. Just as she finished a chapter, somebody knocked on the compartment door. They opened the door and Sydney looked up. It was Annie. 

"Mind if I sit here? " she asked. Sydney shook her head and Annie sat across from her. They smiled at each other and then exchanged pleasantries. Annie pulled out a book as well and starts to read. A few minutes later someone else knocked. Both girls looked up and saw Jonathan. They smiled at him and invited him in. Another boy followed him. 

"This is Albus Potter. " Jonathan introduced they boy. Sydney recognized him as one of the boys from the family of five. 

"Sydney Hill." She introduced herself and shook his hand. 

"Annie Burt, pleasure to meet you." Annie said. Albus smiled at them and sat by Annie and Jonathan sat by Sydney.  They all sat in awkward silence for a few minutes until Annie asked Albus about Quidditch. Albus quickly launched into a long discussion about Quidditch and the rules. The train ride passed quickly with them all joking, talking, and munching on the sweets they had bought from the trolley until they finally reached the Hogsmeade train station. 

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