Matt Johnson has had a horrible life for as long as he could remember. His life is an ideal hell. His father treats him with no respects, he is treated like a ghost at school and to top it off, he can't escape this.

Its Emma's first day at secondary school. Her life is unbearable. Her family treat like a slave and everyone treats her like an idiot and yet she can't escape this.

That is until the two meet...


3. Matt the ghost

My name is Matt and I always had and probably will have an alcoholic as a father. He has always been an alcoholic for as long as I can remember. Two bottles in the morning, four at noon then three in the evening. My father doesn’t have a job, we live on benefits but he always uses the money for himself, never for me. Even when he is sober (which is very rare) he never shows any signs of loving me. He only shows signs of loving what he drinks, nothing else. Not even my mother. She ran off the first moment my father’s back was turned.

I look outside the window on the bus. Everyone is too busy texting their friends where I’m just too poor too afford lunch. I enjoy the scenery. I live on the outskirts of a massive forest. It’s the one place I go to, but I can only go when my dad is asleep. I feel like it’s the only place I feel accepted. At school, I’m invisible. No one notices me, not even the teachers. They understand that I’m there but they never pick on me or ask for my homework, which is a good thing I guess, but by everyone else, I’m just a ghost. Some believe I’m there, but choose to ignore me like a bad odour others don’t. However, with incidents like this morning with me falling head first onto the floor, it’s a good thing that no one’s around to laugh at you and put all over the internet and Facebook, whatever that is.

The bus finally pulls up the school. This place is just on the outskirts of the city, just in between.  The school is also known as Chichester High, also known as the “drop off” for all troubled teens in the area. I guess we all have one thing in common here, somehow we are all troubled, due to your genes or just your background, but no one ever talks about it here, somehow only the very damaged and troubled ones brag about it.

I finally step off the bus, awaiting another day, which I can once again play the part as the ghost.

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