Story Of My Life

Hey I'm Dakoda Maxwell, I'm 18, i live in Ireland. I have cover green eyes. I'm single and i love one direction.
I'm not a crazed fan that will scream and cry when they see one direction. But i will say is Kevin the pigeon
when i see a pigeon not go OMG IT'S FUCKING KEVIN THE PIGEON!! i have a 15 year old brother Mitchel and that's me.


2. nightmare

Dakoda's  P.O.V

He is going to find me. I should have never said yes I'm so stupid! lets go back to how I got tied into this. I was 15 and stupid. So one night I accidentally got drunk. And met this guy his name was Chadwick Vidovich. I was swept off my feet. Drunk or not he was hot, charming, kind and gentle. that's what I thought we got each others numbers and talked, went on a date, he kissed me i kissed back, he asked me out i said yes. He was himself the first 2 months, then he got fired then that's when it happened. Now I'm in an abandoned park. alone. cold. tired and scared. fuck my life...


Niall's P.O.V


I can't sleep. I'm just laying here. So I decide I'll go for a walk down to get my mind of things. I get up and I walk to my closet to grab a hoodie, when I turn around I see Liam standing there with his arms crossed and a curious look on his face "Where do you think you're going Horan?" "to for a walk Payne"  "Ok, be safe mate"

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