You've Changed 2

Juliet Payne has been gone for almost two years.She was promised to only be gone for one,but plans change.People change,she changed.In more ways than one.
Harry hasn't changed though.He's been looking for her for the past two years.But he doesn't know that she left for a good reason.He just thinks that she stopped loving him.But boy is he wrong.


14. Chapter 13 -Last Chapter-

Harry's POV

I screamed and sat up breathing heavily on the bed.I looked over at my side and didn't see Juliet.

"JULIET?!"I yelled running out of the bedroom.I ran down the stairs and I didn't see her in the living room.I fell to my knees and cried into my hands.She's gone.She's somewhere with Edward.

"Harry?"I heard Juliet say as she walked out of the kitchen.She sat next to me and furrowed her eyebrows.

"Harry? What's wrong? Why are you crying?"She asked worriedly.I looked up at her and I couldn't believe my eyes.

"JULIET!"I yelled and pulled her into a hug.

"But,you were with Nathan and Rick,then you were kidnapped by Mason.And then Edward!"I exclaimed as we pulled away.She tilted her head to the right in confusion.She raised her hand and felt my forehead.

"Are you sure you're okay? Because you are speaking nonsense at the moment."She chuckled slightly.

"And who the hell is Nathan? And Edward? And don't you remember? Mason died last year."She explained.

"What? What year is it?"I asked her.She stared at me for a while.I think she thought that I was kidding.

"Its 2014."She finally said after a while of silence.

"So,you were never engaged to Cody? And you never got kidnapped by anyone?"I asked.I was just as confused as she was.

"Who the hell is Cody? And no,I was never kidnapped.You were probably just having a nightmare."She sighed and ran her fingers through my hair.

"I've really missed you."I smiled at her.

"Harry,we've been together for almost a year now.What do you mean you've missed me? I've been here the whole time."She smiled and continued to run her fingers through my hair.

"Really? We've been together for a whole year? And what I mean by I've missed you,in the nightmare it was about the year 2019.You were with my twin brother Edward.You were apparently dating him before you met me.It was weird.And in the nightmare,we were together,but I hadn't seen you in a while.You slept with Edward.You didn't seem to love me anymore."I said softly and looked down at the floor.

"Hey,"She said and tilted my chin up.She leaned in and gave me a sweet kiss.

"I would never stop loving you."She said and kissed me again.I kissed her back and caressed her cheek.

"Uh Juliet,where are we?"I asked her.

"That nightmare must have messed with your head.We're at our apartment."She chuckled. Everything hit me at once.

"Oh now I remember! I asked you to move in with me on your birthday."I chuckled.She giggled and nodded her head.

"Liam thought you were insane.Especially since you guys are going on tour soon and I won't be able to go with you guys."She sighed and looked down at the floor.

"What? Why aren't you coming with us?"I asked.She sighed.

"Management thinks I'm a distraction.For you and the rest of the boys."She sighed.I stood up and helped her up.I grabbed her coat and slipped mine on.

"Where are we going?"She asked as I helped her into her coat.

"We are going to go talk to management.No way are you staying away from me for a whole year."I smiled and dragged her out to my car.She giggled and climbed into the passenger side.  



-A Few Months Later-


I walked out of the hotel bathroom and saw a bag with a note stuck on it on Harry and I's shared bed.I smiled and read the note.


Hey gorgeous :) Please put this dress on and then go over to Niall's room.He'll give you the next clue :) Love you so much babe - Harry xx


I smiled big and pulled the dress out of the bag.It was amazing.I slipped it on and grabbed my black pumps.Luckily my makeup and hair was already done.I walked out to Niall's room and knocked on his door.He opened the door and handed me another note.He smiled at me and handed me a rose.I sniffed the rose before reading the note.


Yay you listened to me for once! Haha you know I love you babe.Now,please go to Zayn's room and he'll give you the next clue - Harry xx


Zayn gave me another rose and another note that told me to go to Louis' room.After that,the next note told me to go to Liam.Liam gave me my fourth rose and handed me another note.


Now,you must be wondering where I'm taking you and what your surprise is.You'll find out soon enough.Go down to the lobby and there will be a man waiting for you.He's the limo driver.In the limo there will be another clue - Harry xx


I did as I was told,and sure enough,there was another note in the limo.


You're almost done babe! Now,please put on the blindfold.Love you so much - Harry xx


I found the blindfold and tied it on.After a few minutes,the limo stopped and I heard a door open.

"You look amazing."I heard Harry say.I felt him grab my hand and help me out of the limo.He held me tight and we walked in a comfortable silence for a bit.

"Okay,you ready?"Harry asked.I could just tell he was smiling that dimpled smile of his.I giggled and nodded my head.

"Okay 1,2,3."And off came the blindfold.I gasped at the sight in front of me.Fairy lights were hung up above us on the branches of the trees and in the middle of it all,there was a picnic laid out.

"So,do you like it?"Harry asked nervously.I turned to him with the biggest smile ever.

"I love it.Its amazing Harry."I smiled looking around again.He smiled big and intertwined our fingers together.He lead me to the picnic and the both of us sat down.By desert,Harry stood up and helped me stand up.I tilted my head slightly to the right in confusion.He intertwined our hands together and spun me around as he started to sing softly.

"It's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something dumb to do.
Hey baby,
I think I wanna marry you."

He continued to sing the song as he lead me away from the picnic.We stopped near the sea and Harry continued to sing to me.By the end of the song,Harry kneeled down on one knee and pulled a box out of his pocket.He finished singing and I was in complete shock.

"Will you marry me?"He asked with a dimpled smile.I was completely speechless.I nodded my head and he smiled even bigger.

"Yes?"He asked.I nodded my head and smiled big.

"Yes."I smiled.He slipped the ring on my finger and stood up.He pulled me into him and gave me a long,sweet kiss.

"I love you."He said pulling away slightly.

"I love you."I smiled and kissed him again.





The End 





A/N: And that is the end of You've Changed 2! Its kinda sad.This is the end of the series.I bet you didn't see that plot twist coming! Most of you voted for Harry (I was on his side too to be honest) so I hope you liked the ending of You've Changed 2. And I'm not sure if I'm going to be writing another fanfiction.I have one in mind but I'm not sure yet.But I just really want to thank all of you for all the support.I love you guys.

Love you - Hend xx



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