You've Changed 2

Juliet Payne has been gone for almost two years.She was promised to only be gone for one,but plans change.People change,she changed.In more ways than one.
Harry hasn't changed though.He's been looking for her for the past two years.But he doesn't know that she left for a good reason.He just thinks that she stopped loving him.But boy is he wrong.


11. Chapter 11

Juliet's POV


I walked out of the kitchen to tell Mason that dinner was ready when I saw a hooded figure in front of him.

"Who's this?"I asked walking over to Mason.The figure took his hood off and I saw that it was Harry.I was about to run to him,but Mason stopped me.

"That isn't Harry."Mason calmly explained not looking at me.I looked at him with my head tilted to the right.I looked over at Harry and saw the eyebrow piercing.Mason walked in front of me and faced 'Harry'.

"We had a deal Edward."Mason growled.So his name is Edward.Edward looked over at me.He just stared at me.He then turned his attention to Mason.

"Plans change."He smirked before shooting him in the heart.I screamed at he fell to the floor unconscious.Edward grabbed my upper arm and dragged me upstairs to my room.He grabbed a suitcase out of the closet and threw all my clothes in.

"You killed him."I whispered sitting on the edge of the bed.Edward sighed and closed the suitcase.

"Do you have anything else you want to take with you?"He asked.

"YOU JUST KILLED HIM!"I yelled standing up.He looked down at me and his eyes darkened.

"IF I DIDN'T HE WOULD HAVE KILLED YOU!"He yelled.Realization hit me and I plopped down on the bed.

"I have some art supplies in the room down the hall.Can I take them with me?"I asked softly.Edward nodded and walked out of the room.I walked into the bathroom and grabbed everything I needed.I threw them into the suitcase and closed it again.Edward walked in with a duffel bag hanging on his shoulder.

"Ready to go?"He asked me while grabbing my suitcase.I nodded my head and walked downstairs with him.Edward made sure that I didn't look over at Mason's motionless body.I climbed into his car and he closed my door.Edward climbed into the drivers seat and drove off.

"Where are we going? Where are we anyways?"I asked.

"We are going to New York.And we're in LA."Edward explained as we drove onto the highway.

"One more question."


"Are you Harry Styles' brother?"I asked.Edward chuckled.

"Yeah.I am.The forgotten,unwanted twin.Any other questions?"He looked over at me for less than a second before turning his attention back to the road.I shook my head and looked out of the window before falling asleep.


-6 Hours Later-


I felt like I was being lifted up by something.I opened my eyes and they adjusted to the bright lights.

"Where are we?"I yawned.

"In an airport.In New York.You've been asleep since we were in LA."Edward chuckled as he continued to walk out of the airport.I snuggled into his chest  as the cold winter air hit me.He chuckled and held me tighter.

"Love cuddling I guess?"He asked as he tried to stop a cab.I nodded my head and snuggled deeper into his chest.

"Its so cold."I mumbled.He chuckled and finally got us a cab.He threw the bags into the trunk and then climbed into the cab with me in his lap.

"Edward,"I said sleepily.

"Hmm?"He replied.

"Will I ever see Harry again?"I asked looking up into his eyes.He sighed and combed my hair.

"I don't know yet love.Try to get some sleep."He whispered.I nodded my head.I laid my head on his chest and fell asleep.




A/N: Meh,another filler.Promise a really long chapter will be up soon! As soon as I know what I'm going to be writing...Ehe.No I'm kidding I know what to write.

Love you all - Hend xx


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