Handle With Care


1. Handle With Care

Do not treat me as fragile, 
because my legs could outrun you, 
and my fists, 
however small, 
could paint patterns with the blood in your nose. 
Do not treat me as precious, 
purely because I am, in fact, female, 
because it's not like I will ever see you
carry the gift of life within your body. 
Do not ever think of me as stupid
because of the natural colour of my hair, 
or if I don't understand something you do. 
I swear to be treated as strong, 
because I know what I feel will go away, 
and that everything will become better, 
regardless of what you think of me. 
I want to be seen as a rock, not a gem, 
unpolished, tough and unbroken, 
something money should not be able to buy
when you're feeling lonely. 
If anything appears to be difficult
for me or any other girl; 
do not tell me to 'get over it', 
do not call me a 'drama queen' 
or 'attention seeker'. 
Because I promise you 
I will not handle you with care. 
You will not be treated as fragile, 
for masculinity is something solid, 
something strong, right? 
You will not be seen as precious, 
because there are a hundred guys just like you. 
If you don't understand
exactly what I'm trying to say here, 
you must be a guy, 
because women are smarter than that. 

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