The HeartBreaker

Young, Hot, Popular, School Jock Zayn Malik falls in love with geeky, smart girl Jordin Myers. Zayn is known for being the school heartbreaker, but does he really break innocent hearts or is it all fake. His friends thinks she is a reject and have been bullying her behind Zayn's back. Jordin and Zayn become closer and closer with each day passing, while Jordin tries to push Zayn away he is willing to break down her walls. Zayn soon realises his friends are bulling her, this puts his true love to the test and makes him think, what are true friends?


2. Bump and a liar

Zayn's POV-
I run around the small studio, looking for the outfits for the dance. I've been thinking about Jordin all day, I miss her. I miss being best friends with her, I miss her laugh, her smile, her glasses and her dorky style. I miss her voice, I miss how we would talk and sing for hours on end, I miss... *wham* I land on the ground with a thump, my hands stopping me from hitting the object under me, well more like the girl I knocked over. She was lying on the ground under me and I almost squashed her, I stare into her eyes. She looks so familiar yet I can't put my tongue on it, well that would just be weird. Putting my tongue on a random girl, just weird. I notice that we've been in the same position for about a minute and I quickly get up, onto my knees and help the girl up. I look at her black hair and her blue eyes. I can't help but feel like I know this girl, but I don't so I should just shut up. Looking around us I see the papers she dropped, I quickly start picking them up randomly and putting them into a pile "Umm, I was wondering wether you could please help me put them into order? Please, it would be allot of help" I look at the papers, shit, I can't read a thing. If only I could find my glasses... "Do you want any help?" I can feel my cheeks heat up and she giggles "Umm, I-I c-can't find m-my glasses...." I am so embarrassed right now. Oh god. She giggles again "Here" she says, passing my glasses which must have been sitting beside me. I'm an idiot. I can feel my cheeks heating up again, god Zayn. I quickly slip on my glasses. After we finish sorting out the papers I quickly stand up "I am so sorry..." I say "Stop saying sorry!" she giggles. Making me laugh as well "Nice to meet you, I'm meg, what's your name?" "I'm Z..." Shit, I can't use my real name here, I think "Zach..." I say, hoping she would believe me "Ok, well see you around!" she beams and quickly runs down the hall, leaving me to go find the outfits or should I say, costumes.

Jordin's POV-
I told Zach my name was Meg. I can't let anyone know my true identity. I need to keep a low profile over the summer holidays, Zach looks so familiar and I can't put my finger on it. What ever. I'm normally the goofy one who wears glasses and has my hair blonde, but I died it yesterday so no-one would recognise me.

What Jordin normally looks like

What Jordin currently looks like

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